Friday, May 11, 2012

Romney Surges to New Lead on Obama

Former Massaschusetts Governor Mitt Romney has opened a widened lead on President Barack Obama. Battered by poor economic news, the President has dipped, while Romney is surging on new GOP unity. While still early in the race, this is good news for the Republican nominee.

This new poll comes to us from Rasmussen, which is the most reliable of the major pollsters. This also comes as Romney has had some success against Obama in the polls so far. This, however, is the largest yet.

Romney: 50%
Obama: 43%
Other/don't know: 7%

This is more good news for the Romney campaign. Gallup has Romney up by three, as well.

Romney: 47%
Obama: 44%
Other/don't know: 9%

The numbers are moving in Romney's direction, and the significant number of undecideds tend to break away from the incumbent. With no leaners in there, the numbers for Rasmussen (assuming a 2/1 break away from Obama) would be:

Romney: 54.6%
Obama: 45.4%

Looks like a healthy margin so far.

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