Friday, May 11, 2012

GOP Opens 12-Point Lead in WI Senate Race

With the recall election facing sitting Governor Scott Walker heating up, the Republican base appears to be backing their candidates. Walker has opened up a five point lead, according to recent polling, and even received more primary votes than the top two Democratic candidates combined.

The Republican Party may have some thinking to do about the race for President in that state later this year, but it appears that the race for Senate is getting better. Former Governor Tommy Thompson appears to be running away with the race for an open Senate seat. This comes after incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold was defeated in 2010.

This poll comes to us from Rasmussen and shows Thompson leading his Democratic opponent Tammy Baldwin.

Thompson (R): 50%
Baldwin (D): 38%
Other/dk: 12%

Now, the race at the top of the ticket may give Baldwin a bit of a boost, but Thompson will likely pick up some of the undecided voters. With Thompson already at 50% and with a highly energized GOP, this may be a pickup for the party in the Senate.

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