Sunday, October 02, 2011

Two Months in Review

August and September were eventful months for the main writers of Pundit Press.  Most of us live in upstate New York, which was hammered by Hurricane Irene.  Electricity was  lost for a day, internet was lost for a week.  Two of the writers thought they were going to die.  And when the storm had passed, in the real world there was much volunteering to be done.  We all made it through, but our traffic understandably dipped.  In any event, we did not write a Month in Review for August, so this one is for August and September both.  So, without further ado:

Number of articles written in August and September: 542 articles

Most articles by author-

Aurelius- 404 articles (74.5%)
Thomas Ferdousi- 73 articles
Mr. K- 58 articles
Unlikely Hospitalist- 28 articles
Danny R Butcher- 9 articles
Dr. Owens- 9 articles
Dr. White- 6 articles
Kaptain Krude- 3 articles
Fenway_Nation- 2 article
Eric Dondero- 1 article
Joe C.- 1 article

In the months of August and September, Pundit Press received 74,841 pageviews.

The top articles of the month:

1. Massive White House Protest Limps Along, with an STD Update, by Unlikely Hospitalist, with 3,665 views

2. Hurricane Irene Schoharie County Photos, by Mr. K, with 3,354 views

3. Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Gaddafi Must Die, by Aurelius, with 3,151 views

4. "Gaddafi Death Picture" an Obvious Fake, by Aurelius, with 2,702 views

5. Liberals Create Video Game in Which Tea Partiers are Murdered, by Aurelius, with 2,047 views

6. Former Gingrich Staffer: 80% Twitter Followers are Fake, by Aurelius, with 1,989 views

7. Inevitable: Liberals Actually Blaming Republicans for Hurricane Irene, by Aurelius, with 1,825 views

8. 'Rick Perry' Bad Lip-Syncing Video, by Aurelius, with 1,378 views

9. Live Wisconsin Election Coverage, by Aurelius, with 1,370 views

10. Article About Lara Logan Getting Raped, by Aurelius, with 1,205 views

11. Vote: Who won Last Night's Republican Debate?, by Aurelius, with 1,200 views

12. Vote: If You Had One Word to Describe President Obama, What Would it Be?, by Aurelius, with 986 views

Top Contributor of the Months-

Are you kidding? Aurelius

Those that linked to Us:

Michelle Malkin
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Weasel Zippers
Director Blue

Tomb of the the unknown blogger (for anyone we missed)


- We survived Hurricane Irene
- Joe C. wrote an entire article
- People other than Aurelius need to start writing (nudge, nudge Mr. K, Thomas, Danny, and Joe)
- Osama bin Laden is still dead, along with Anwar Al-Awlaki

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