Monday, April 18, 2011

Video: Liberal Protesters Boo the National Anthem at Pro-Union Rally

Go figure, liberals booing the national anthem.  Here's the video:

So, let me set the scene for you: hundreds of liberals are gathered together at a rally in Wisconsin. Dozens of signs can be seen, including ones that read "Walker: Your Pink Slip is Coming" and "Palin's true color'$ (sic):"
Over the murmur of the crowd, the Star Spangled Banner can be heard, song by a woman, but only for a moment. Quickly, a chorus of boos from the progressives in attendance drown out our national anthem. This continues for almost the entirety of the rendition; finally, near the end, the boos dissipate. Annoyingly, the end of the song is cut off by whoever edited the video, which likely showed less outright disdain for our anthem.

However, the overall disrespect is apparent. As the old argument goes: if liberals are so displeased with this nation, why don't they just leave? If they find it necessary to boo the national anthem at a rally, why don't they try protesting in Libya or Syria? The answer is obvious: because they would not and could not. For some reason, they are booing the very country that gives them the right to boo.

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  1. Gosh and here I thought shouting down the opposition was what fascists did. My bad. It's what "progressive" liberals of the socialist Democratic party do.