Monday, April 18, 2011

Trump Is No Conservative

Conservatives across the country have caught Trump 2012 fever, and some are actually calling him one of us, even though the entertainer has quite the record to the contrary. The Club for Growth has especially hit him hard on his support of protectionist trade policies that will hurt American business.

Donald Trump is no Conservative.
  1. No Conservative would ever support Canadian styled health care.
  2. No Conservative would ever support taxing Chinese imports 25%.
  3. No Conservative would ever support plundering Iraq's oil reserve.
  4. No Conservative would ever demand payments from South Korea.
I can go on and on.

This man is nothing more than an arrogant, self-promoting, yellow bellied son of a bitch. Conservatives should have nothing to with this liberal showman.

I wonder if fellow Conservatives know of his immoral use of eminent domain.

What say you?

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