Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Glenn Beck Leaving Fox News

It came out this afternoon that Glenn Beck, the third most listened* to talk show host in America, is leaving Fox News when his contract ends later this year. The news confirms various media reports that both sides were looking to separate.

So what does this mean for Fox News?
  1. The 5 PM slot will actually have news and views, instead of theories.
  2. Beck's ratings have been falling for months: so filling the void won't be that hard.
  3. The leading cable news network will have its first fresh face in well over two years on prime time.
The separation will work well for both sides, because Beck's media empire will only grow from here on out and Fox News will find a new face to draw viewers.

Lou Dobbs, anyone?

* - Often disputed by Michael Savage, who claims the third place mantle.

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