Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Over 10,000 More Votes in Dane County (Madison) for Supreme Ct. Election than County Executive.....

Another inconsistency has apparently come out of the race in Wisconsin yesterday. We saw the race between incumbent David Prosser and newcomer JoAnne Kloppenburg. Now with evidence of fraud and shredded ballots coming out, we now have this from the Dane County election numbers.

Total votes for the Supreme Court Election: 182,382
For County Executive: 171,718

So we're dealing with about 10,600 more votes being cast for the Supreme Court election than in the County Executive race. Now, of course the Supreme Court race was very contested, so many may have seen it as more important-- but over 10,000 in the city?

Not to mention the fact that last night there were 10,000 (exactly) votes given extra to Kloppenburg by Dane County before the number was retracted.

It looks like something funny may be going on. We also had news of students being asked to "help" at polling places from the Kloppenburg Facebook page. We also had ballots reportedly being shredded. Not to mention inklings of fraud.

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  1. I also noticed this looking at the Dane Co numbers:

    48,627 Prosser
    51,143 Bruskewitz (Dane Co Exec, conservative)

    That is 2,516 less votes for conservative Supreme Court Justice

    133,513 Kloppenburg
    120,255 Parisi (Dane Co Exec, liberal)

    That is 13,258 more votes for liberal Supreme Court Justice.

    242 Supreme Court write ins
    320 Dane County Exec write ins

  2. 10K people voting in one race and not another is not fraud, it's choice.

  3. Why is the content of this article restricted from being shared on Facebook?

  4. 5% of voters not caring about the county exec election? INCONCEIVABLE!!!!

  5. So in Dane 5.85% fewer votes were cast for CE than Supreme Court. Oh NOES must be a Conspiracy....

    Well in Republican Racine, 7.8% fewer votes were cast for CE than Supreme Court...

    What now....

  6. this has to seem strange to any thinking person. I can understand people on the left that want Kloppenberg elected at all costs not thinking it strange because they bias prohibit them from objective thought. Please also report on the developmentally disabled being taken to the polls in vans, where their care givers told them what lines to connect to cast their vote. From what I have heard, some of these people didn't even have a clue as to where they were. It is absurd to believe that those people had any idea of who/what they were voting for.


  8. Oh nooo, Facebook is in on the conspiracy too! Soros, the Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, Gays, the lazy unemployed, and the union thugs all conspired against me!

  9. I looked at Racine Co too,

    28,204 Prosser
    28,223 Ladwig (Racine Co exec -conservative)

    19 less votes for Prosser

    22,518 Kloppenburg
    18,393 Hall (Racine Co Exec -liberal)

    4,125 more votes for Kloppenburg

  10. Kloppenburg/Prosser was a very high profile race, particularly in the Madison area where the focus has been on state-level issues. The county exec race, while more local, had way less media attention.

    My brother-in-law knew he supported Kloppenburg, but didn't know the names for county exec. There were no party labels to serve as cues, either.

    Some in that situation will guess, and some will skip it when uncertain so as not to do accidental harm.

  11. The solution to avoid this kind of speculation is to add a box to EVERY item being voted on that represents an "Undecided" or "Abstain" choice. Then require that every item being voted on have one of the boxes checked. Either a candidate or abstain. Or on a ballot initiative a yes, no, or abstain.

    This way if someone does not want to vote in a race or ballot proposal, they must positively state that they are not voting for that item.

    This simple change would help avoid these situations.

  12. 1) A lotof conservatives voted against prosser. Not all righties hate unions.

    2) A lot of Dane county types write in candidates. I bet if you checked, you'd find write in candidates such as Bill the Cat, Kermit the Frog and the Orange Piccolo Guy make up a large part of the difference for races they don't give a hoot about.

    3) A loooot of them were there just for that one vote.

    Not saying there was no foul play, just saying some of the reasons being tossed out for why are kinda sketchy if you know the character of the Dane County Wingnut.

  13. @Desmynd you are in deniar, Unions are paid for by Obama with goodiez in return,there are No real conservatives who like unions. (The Liberals who pretend to be Conservative to try to score political points dont count)Most Union members i know dont even like Unions. Nobody likes being takin advantage of

  14. Hmmm... If the 10,000 ballots in Dane with votes for Supreme Court only are an indication of fraud, what can we say about the 18,000 in Waukesha County?