Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Students Asked to be Vote Counters Yesterday

From the Kloppenburg campaign or affiliates to Facebook supporters yesterday:

ALERT:We need volunteers to head to student polling locations to help processing students. Just go up and ask the chief inspector how you can help. The locations we need people at are:
Doyle Administration Building
545 W Dayton St.
...Gordon Commons
717 W Johnson St.
UW Memorial Union
800 Langdon St.
Memorial Library
728 State St.
Porchlight Inc.
306 N Brooks St.

Of course, this could be illegal...

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  1. Of course, it could be legal as well.

  2. Why would it be illegal? Can you provide a reference to some statue that makes you think so? Also, you linked back here in another post, saying "We also had news of students being asked to 'help' at polling places from the Kloppenburg Facebook page." This post doesn't seem to be asking students to help at all, just people to help processing students. I'm really not sure what your point is.

  3. whoa whoa whoa. students? are allowed to vote? they dont even have a single mortgage on a west allis McMansion yet, what do they know about the real world??

  4. No inviting your supporters with a vested interest in your victory, to become in charge of counting votes on the day of the election is illegal.

    Don't use your strawman arguments here.

  5. It's not who gets the most votes who wins. It's who controls which votes are counted. That's my Kloppenburg!