Monday, March 07, 2011

Chris Christie Most Popular Republican in Nation

There is one Republican that stands on top in the nation, according to a new poll. According to the survey, Chris Christie is not only the most popular national Republican, but is more popular than the sitting President.

When asked if they had a positive or negative perception of a public figure, a Quinnipiac poll came up with some interesting results.  These reported that Christie, while unknown by the majority of potential voters, nonetheless is particularly popular. Christie's "temperature" came in at 57, two degrees higher than President Barack Obama. Christie was only topped by Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Other Republicans weren't so lucky:

The thermometer also ranked a number of GOP hopefuls, including some long shots. Rudy Giuliani topped the group at 52 degrees, followed by Mike Huckabee at 51.8 degrees. Mitt Romney fell lower on the list at 50.4 degrees. Among the GOP field, Sarah Palin had the least fire at 38.2 degrees — ranked 20th in a field of 23 politicians and national figures.

Well, it's certainly good news for the 2016 race.

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