Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poll: Majority of Republicans Doubt Obama Born in U.S.

According to a new poll released this week, the majority of Republicans doubt President Barack Obama was born inside the United States.  This would mean that the President, now in his third year, would have been ineligible to run for our highest office in the first place.

The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, stated that "51% [of Republicans] say they don't think Barack Obama was born in the United States."  Going further, the article stated that 28% "firmly believe" that the President was born outside of the U.S., while only 21% firmly believe he was born in the country.

PPP's article then compares who so-called "birthers" would support in the 2012 general election:
How does this impact Romney? Well among the 49% of GOP primary voters who either think Obama was born in the United States or aren't sure, Romney's the first choice to be the 2012 nominee by a good amount, getting 23% to 16% for Mike Huckabee, 11% for Sarah Palin, and 10% for Newt Gingrich.
But with the birther majority he's in a distant fourth place at 11%, with Mike Huckabee at 24%, Sarah Palin at 19%, and Newt Gingrich at 14% all ahead of him. That pushes him into a second place finish overall at 17% with Mike Huckabee again leading the way this month at 20%. Palin's third with 15%, followed by Gingrich at 12%, Ron Paul at 8%, Mitch Daniels and Tim Pawlenty at 4%, and John Thune at 1%.
The article also compares support for Sarah Palin, the 2008 GOP candidate for Vice President and former governor:
There is really a remarkable divide in how the birther and non-birther wings of the GOP view Sarah Palin. With the birthers she is a beloved figure, scoring an 83/12 favorability rating. Non-birthers are almost evenly divided on her with 47% rating her positively and 40% unfavorably.
President Obama
PPP also compared who Republican voters believe is "qualified" to be President:
On the President/Vice President qualification question only Romney reaches a majority on the qualified to be President card with 50% saying he's most equipped for that position to 24% who think he'd make a better Vice President. Huckabee has 44% who think he's suited to be President to 28% who think he'd fit more in the VP slot, and Gingrich has 27% who consider him more Presidential to 37% that think he's more Vice Presidential.
Note:  Public Policy Polling is a well-known to skew left, so their polls, at best, simply cannot be verified.

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  1. I highly doubt these poll results.

  2. I think that PPP skewed the questions then exaggerated

  3. Most likely, but the media will run with this regardless. They want the GOP to look like a bunch of Ron Paul crazies