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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is America Ready for an Unconventional Presidential Candidate?

It is fascinating that Herman Cain would bill himself as the "unconventional candidate" that America is ready to embrace. Particularly, given the candidacy of President Obama and his envelopment by the American people.

I don't know much about Mr. Cain, but I like what I hear in this interview with Greta Van Susteran.

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DADT is Repealed!!!

The Senate today voted today 65-31 to overturn "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and allow gays in the military. Obama is expected to sign the legislation into law sometime next week.

The law is a milestone for both the military and gay rights. The overturning of DADT is on par with Truman's 1947 executive order inegrating the military The United States joins countries like Israel, Canada, Australia, and the UK in allowing all citizens to join the military, regardless of sexual orientation.

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How will Obama respond to Venezuela?

The Venezuela Congress has granted "president" Hugo Chavez the authority to decree laws into existence. It makes me sick to my stomach to write the words, but Venezuela has officially fallen into the stern hands of a dictator, and unless someone (internal, or external*) takes the necessary steps to oust Chavez from power: Latin America's marxist regimes of the past could regain their control of the present, and of the near future.

The leader & nation of the free world must condemn Venezuela's actions as soon as possible. But is Barack Obama up to the job on either front?

Probably not. President Obama stood with Manuel Zelaya, who was attempting to abolish term limits in Honduras via an illegal national referendum last year, instead of standing with the Honduras People, Supreme Court, Congress, and Constitution - all of which called for the legally forced removal of the dictator wannabe.


That is just one example. We could go down the Cuban road where Obama has favored a weaker stance against the Communist Castro's regime and the Hugo Chavez road where Obama has joked about and dismissed the "presidente" of Venezuela constantly. That kind of attitude towards evil is often a tell-tale sign of inability and inexperience on foreign policy matters.

Obama will probably condemn Venezuela in a really tough letter to the United Nations, and then accept another anti-European book from Chavez whenever they meet again. I could be mistaken, but with the President's own disgustingly horrid record on despots across the entire world since being sworn in......

What do you think?

*- Paging the CIA.


How will Obama respond to Venezuela?

Here Comes the Judge

Judging that the mandate in President Obama’s Health Care bill is an unconstitutional expansion of the commerce clause, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson struck a blow for a commonsense approach to constitutional interpretation.  He further decided that words actually have meanings and are not merely place holders for future generations to use as they deconstruct the document meant to limit government into a document used to expand it.
Judge Hudson stated “At its core, this dispute is not simply about regulating the business of insurance -- or crafting a scheme of universal health insurance coverage -- it’s about an individual’s right to choose to participate.”  In his well reasoned and well stated 42 page opinion, Hudson also said many things which have needed saying for quite some time.  After years of activist judges stretching our tortured Constitution from limiting the government to limiting the citizen it’s refreshing to see an American jurist proclaiming that the corruption of our fundamental charter is leading us towards the creation of an unlimited central government usurping the powers expressly reserved to the States and the people.
Several of his statements are so well worded and so important they deserve repeating by every patriot who has a voice:
According to Judge Hudson:
“Although the Necessary and Proper Clause vests Congress with broad authority to exercise means, which are not themselves an enumerated power, to implement legislation, it is not without limitation.”
“Every application of Commerce Clause power found to be constitutionally sound by the Supreme Court involved some form of action, transaction, or deed placed in motion by an individual or legal entity.”
“Although purportedly grounded in the General Welfare Clause, the notion that the generation of revenue was a significant legislative objective is a transparent afterthought.”
“The legislative purpose underlying this provision was purely regulation of what Congress misperceived to be economic activity.”
“[i]f a person's decision not to purchase health insurance at a particular point in time does not constitute the type of economic activity subject to regulation under the Commerce Clause, then logically an attempt to enforce such a provision under the Necessary and Proper Clause is equally offensive to the Constitution.”
“The same reasoning could apply to transportation, housing, or nutritional decisions. This broad definition of the economic activity subject to congressional regulation lacks logical limitation and is unsupported by Commerce Clause jurisprudence....”
“Neither the Supreme Court nor any federal circuit court of appeals has extended Commerce Clause powers to compel an individual to involuntarily enter the stream of commerce by purchasing a commodity in the private market. In doing so, enactment of the Minimum Essential Coverage Provision exceeds the Commerce Clause powers vested in Congress under Article I....”
“The unchecked expansion of congressional power to the limits suggested by the Minimum Essential Coverage Provision would invite unbridled exercise of federal police powers. At its core, the dispute is not simply about regulating the business of insurance—or crafting a scheme of universal health insurance coverage—it's about an individual’s right to choose to participate.”
“[T]he Minimum Essential Coverage Provision appears to forge new ground and extends the Commerce Clause powers beyond its current high water mark."
These are the type of words patriots have been waiting to hear from the bench!  These are the bold and direct statements needed to reaffirm the truth that the Constitution is meant to limit government not to enable it to run roughshod over the freedom and liberty of the people.  If the original document did not make this clear the Tenth Amendment states this fundamental truth clearly for all to hear, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
However gratifying it is to hear an American Judge stand up for American values we must keep this victory in perspective.  Two other Federal Courts have previously upheld the government mandate.  And one thing can be confidently predicted, all of these rulings will be appealed. 
There is no effective way to bring pressure on a federal judge.  They are insulated by lifetime appointments.  Therefore, We the People cannot influence any of them and our opinion means nothing.  Although some desire for the procedure to be shortened, having the matter immediately brought before the Supreme Court, even that wouldn’t bring a definitive answer until well into the next election cycle.  And then the decision as to the continued freedom of American citizens to refrain from economic activity and the freedom of American citizens to make personal choices for themselves will be left up to nine individuals.   
As the Anti-Federalists warned so many years ago in Brutus's 15th essay; “The supreme court under this constitution would be exalted above all other power in the government, and subject to no control.” The essay continued to warn, “There is no power above them that can correct their errors or control their decisions.”  And, “The power of this court is in many cases superior to that of the legislature.”  Ultimately observing, “When great and extraordinary powers are vested in any man, or body of men, which in their exercise, may operate to the oppression of the people, it is of high importance that powerful checks should be formed to prevent the abuse of it.”  The ratification conventions of the States chose to ignore these powerful arguments; consequently, never has the freedom of so many rested upon the judgment of so few.  And, probably on a vote of 5 to 4 rests the fate of We the People and a limited government. 

Dr. Robert Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the author of the History of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com View the trailer for Dr. Owens’ latest book @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ypkoS0gGn8 © 2010 Robert R. Owens dr.owens@comcast.net  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Daily LOL Cat

We are a political blog, but we also know that life has some laughs too.  Please enjoy the picture below and if you're into politics, please check out the rest of the site.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Democrat Bad News: Senator Wyden to Miss Votes.

Call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on DADT Repeal. We can still stop this.

Senator Ron Wyden, a very reliable Liberal Democrat from Oregon, announced today that he will not be present for most of next week's votes because of cancer surgery on Monday, and recovery in the days that follow. The good news is that the prostate cancer was caught early, and that the 14 year Senate veteran will be just fine.

The bad news? Senate Democrats will be without another yes vote on their attempts to pass the DREAM Act, ratify the START Treaty, and repeal the Military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. Or, I guess we could call this limited good news from a legislative standpoint, and only from that standpoint. I'm opposed to all personal attacks on elected officials, regardless of affiliation.

As for Democratic attempts to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell - the question is whether or not DADT opponents in the Senate can get another Democrat to oppose repeal (Joe Manchin already does), or get all of our Senators on the same page for the lameduck finale. Stay tuned for a crazy Christmas week in Washington, where Senator Harry Grinch is at it once again in.

Any thoughts?

Cuba Launches EcuRed, A "Non-Imperialist" Version of Wikipedia

It looks like Fidel Castro got tired of looking himself up on Wikipedia, as Cuba has launched EcuRed.  The site touts itself as non-imperialist; it is also designed for Mozilla Firefox because foxes are apparently communists.

The site's default language is Spanish, but don't let that stop you from checking out all of the biased goodness.  For example, it has an extensive article for the "Estados Unidos," or the United States.  Here is a translated paragraph about the United States' supposed imperialism:
"The national image that the United States see themselves as protectors and defenders of the law, freedom and democracy, is based on the belief that they possess moral superiority (because they are the "chosen people"). This assumption has allowed them to justify their interference in the internal affairs of other people (who are not "chosen of God") or outright violence against them."
The first interventionist attitude inspired by the spirit of "Manifest Destiny" was the obsession of the English settlers to be moved from their land (or kill) to Native Americans. As for his relationship with other nations, America tends to manage their external relations as if it were a moral crusade. Usually justify their actions with two arguments, whether the "strong nation that protects the weak", as you can see the vast majority of the American nations, or rather of "the struggle against evil to defend freedom and security the world, "as currently claims about their invasion of Afghanistan."
The website then goes on to say that our nation is not, in fact, ruled by its voters, but by the government.  I'm sure you can see the irony in the fact that Cuba is that way and not us:
"The American electoral system, despite his character central to the political system of that country, presents a series of increasingly sharp contradictions to the extent that the nation has expanded both territorially and in terms of the definition of regional and global imperialist interests. The participation of citizens in the electoral process, either as voters or as candidates, has serious disabilities that make the practice more and more away from what can be considered paradigmatic in the exercise of democracy.
They put many impediments to the electors vote as the elections are held on a weekday and you have to go to work the polling station where appropriate, as voting is not compulsory and the responsibility to vote rests entirely on the city, many people do not vote."
On the bright side, EcuRed references CNN in its article about the United States.

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15 Republicans Vote to Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Yesterday, over 8% of the current Republican House membership voted against the United States Marines who are fighting in Afghanistan, and with homosexual agitators who want to destroy Military cohesiveness, effectiveness, morale, and unity in the name of "civil rights". I feel sick to my stomach over this betrayal of Republican values.

The fifteen Republican traitors who voted to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell:
Representative Biggert.
Representative Bono-Mack.
Representative Campbell.
Representative Castle.
Representative Cao.
Representative Dent.
Representative Diaz-Balart.
Representative Djou.
Representative Dreier.
Representative Ehlers.
Representative Flake.
Representative Paul.
Representative Platts.
Representative Reichert.
Representative Ros-Lehtinen.

It's bad enough Americans oppose the War on Terror (even though they do appreciate that extra protection on their flights) with our troops on the ground in Afghanistan, but for our House of Representatives (and probably Senate) to put liberal social engineering over effective Military combat - is unbecoming of a proud people.

All 250 Representatives who voted for repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law - regardless of political affiliation, deserve a pink slip in November 2012. And to the fifteen Democrats who stood with our Military* on this issue: God Bless you for standing for what's right, even though the liberals in your Party will revolt.

This legislation is heading to the Senate, and hopefully the trashbin of history.

* - The men fighting in the desert, not Robert Gates.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tax Deal Passes Senate

 The Senate overwhelmingly approved the deal to extend the Bush tax cuts for the next two years. Some Democrats had hoped to prevent the passage of the deal but apparently the Senate as a whole believed otherwise. But of course, not everyone is happy:

"It's hard to believe they think it's wise to give a windfall to heirs such as Paris Hilton,'' Democratic Representative Chris Van Hollen, an assistant to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, wrote in The Washington Post Wednesday. 

So we'll see what happens in the House soon enough.

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Congressional Approval Falls to New Low

 This may seem a little redundant, but the United States Congress has become more and more unpopular. There, I said it. But it may surprise you (even just a little) that it is polling at the bottom of any Congress since polling was done in the 1930s. That's how unpopular they've become. Gallup has the newest poll out that gives Congress some.... shall we say, poor marks.

Approve: 13%
Disapprove: 83%
Other/und: 4%

This represents the lowest mark for Congress since July 2008 when the Democratic-controlled Congress was incorrectly thought to be controlled by Republicans. There was $4 gas and the market began imploding. Now the Democrats have outdone themselves. 

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John McCain on Phil Hendrie

Here's an awesome interview that Phil Hendrie did with Senator John McCain.  Listen to the part where they talk about zombies (I'm not kidding):

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The Hudson ObamaCare ruling means nothing.

Memo to Conservative bloggers: Stop celebrating over yesterday's Henry Hudson decision that ruled the individual mandate portion of ObamaCare "unconstitutional". We didn't win anything, we didn't prevent enforcement, and we didn't outlaw the law. I just do not understand all of the excitement.

So what happened yesterday? The Conservative Republican Attorney General of Virginia got a Conservative Republican judge in Virginia, who was appointed by a Conservative Republican in 2002, to rule a portion of the most hated piece of legislation in Conservative Republican history unconstitutional.

Judge Hudson did not file an injunction to stop the practice of ObamaCare when it comes into effect in 2014. Unfortunately, without this, there is not much we can do at this court level to stop the mandates from coming into effect. We'd need something from a higher court-- or at least an injunction.

Give me a break! We won absolutely nothing yesterday, except vindication of our arguments to repeal the awful law, which everyone with two brains already realized. Is that really something to celebrate for an entire news cycle? Absolutely not. We need to get our repeal/outlaw plans in line for ObamaCare: Anything short of a 5-4 ruling on the Supreme Court is definitely worthless to our cause.

Call me when Justice Kennedy makes his decision on ObamaCare.

Until then we need to make sure that we bring the case up to the Supreme Court and get them to deem the bill unconstitutional. We can't accept half-measures as long as we cannot repeal ObamaCare-- and we need the Court to step in and force the end of the mandates.

Festivus Apparently Now an Official Holiday

Apparently those who couldn't get enough of Festivus on Seinfeld can now celebrate it-- with the government deeming it an actual holiday. It's the decision of a judge where else? California:

Judge Johnson pulled King's lawyer and the prosecutor aside and said he needed a religion to put down on the order to make it stick, explained Thiagarajah.
“I said Festivus,” said Thiagarajah. The order was granted – three non-salami meals a day.
County Counsel researched Festivus, arguing the holiday was the creation of writer Dan O’Keefe to celebrate his first date with his wife in 1966. The holiday was introduced to the world by his son Daniel, a screenwriter for "Seinfeld," who wrote it into the show.

No kidding.

Hat-tip: HotAir

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Breaking: Tax Cut Bill Advances in Senate

The tax cut compromise reached by President Obama and Republicans has passed its first hurdle in the Senate.  According to breaking news, the tax deal has gained the 60 votes it needed to advance in the Senate.  This would pave the way for the bill's passing in only a day or two.

Despite the fact that the bill has now passed its first test, it has been met with some resistance by both Democrats and Republicans.  Some Democrats argue that there should be no extension of tax cuts, while many Republicans believe that the extra spending in the bill would increase the deficit.

The compromise came after President Barack Obama compared Republicans to terrorists who were holding the middle class "hostage."  After his political talking points, however, the President actually decided to try to work with Republicans instead of mindlessly bashing them.

The deal was announced to mixed feelings amongst some Republicans, but the harshest criticism came from the President's base.  Once the compromise was announced, across the internet thousands of liberal democrats took to their keyboards to bash the Commander in Chief they so blindly followed for the last two years.

For example, the liberal site The Huffington Post had over 20,000 comments on their article announcing the deal.  The liberal site Daily Kos had nearly 1,000 comments on their article, entitled "President Obama announces deal to continue Bush tax policy."  Here are just a few comments from Daily Kos that show the tremendous displeasure that liberals have with their President (with some language cleaned up):

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Chuck Schumer: 'Tea Party Does Not Favor Cutting Taxes'

Something tells me that most of the Democrats did not get the message of last month's election.  Apparently they prefer to shove their head in the sand (and most likely somewhere else), and pretend that it never happened.

And then there is New York Senator Chuck Schumer.  Not only does Senator Schumer deny that the election had any real significance, but that it might have had the opposite affect that people believe it did.  In a recent interview, Schumer stated:
“Our colleagues on the other side of the aisle said, ‘Did you hear the mandate of the election?’ Well, I ran this year, I got 66 percent of the vote in my state. And I saw lots of people and lots of angry people. . . . But not a single one of them, from the tea party or anywhere else, said give tax breaks to the millionaires.”
That's weird because I don't know if I've ever heard of a Tea Partier who was against tax cuts.  But hey, what are facts to Chuck Schumer, right?
But I guess nobody bothered to tell Tea Party Express that the Tea Party doesn't support keeping taxes down for the rich, because they wrote in August:
Join us to demand that Congress doesn’t create a double-dip recession by raising taxes! We the undersigned demand that President Obama and Congress:
1. Keep tax rates at current levels
2. Keep tax rates so there is no “marriage penalty”
3. No cuts in deductions for adoption or dependent care
4. No return of the Death Tax.
5. Keep capital gains tax rate at 15%
Nor did anyone tell these various liberal hit pieces, like this one, this one, and this one.  I suppose either Schumer is right, or he lives in his own tiny little world with a constant suspension of disbelief.  I'm thinking it's the latter.

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Steele Won't Run for Second Term

News is coming in that Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has decided not to run for a second term. This comes after fairly intense scrutiny and calls for his resignation. Steele stupidly said that Afghanistan was unwinnable and 'Obama's war.' So FoxNews has broken the story that he will be stepping down.

Fox News has confirmed Steele sent an e-mail to committee members Saturday night with the subject line, “conference call.”

In the note, he asked members to join him "for a private conference call" Monday evening.

This would be good news for the party as it gears up for the 2012 stakes. We don't need a fool representing the interests of the party or making us look bad.

Now the real question is-- who should replace him?

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A Look at Obama's Approval Ratings

This is your roundup of the major polling of the President's approval ratings. In this edition we can see that Obama's numbers are falling since he announced his tax cut deal. This could represent widespread liberal dissatisfaction over the deal.

So let's take a look at some of the top pollsters:

Approve: 46%
Disapprove: 47%


Approve: 44%
Disapprove: 55%

It appears that overall, Obama's approval ratings have fallen 1.4% since the last time we've done our roundup article. His disapproval has actually fallen two-tenths of a percent, possibly because liberals are just not happy but not angry, overall.

Approve: 44.8%
Disapprove: 48.2%

Keep a sharp eye out for this week's polling. The tax rate deal could have a further impact either way.

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Tim in History

Here is Tim meeting the President of the United States, Barack Obama.  In a clear show of disrespect, Tim left on his hat, apparently angry over the Health Care Bill:

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Metrodome, The Taxes, and The Vikings.

The Metrodome,

The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome roof collapsed under the weight of 17.1 inches of snow last night. Leaving the sorry Minnesota Vikings without a home stadium for this week's game against the New York Giants team. The stadium is twenty-eight years old, and can hold over 64,000 fans at any given NFL game.

The Taxes,

Public Policy Polling recently found that 49% of Minnesota voters would rather have the Vikings leave for greener pastures, such as California, than to publicly fund a new stadium with taxpayer dollars via increased taxes. With the stadium situation reaching a zenith of epic proportions with yesterday's snow storm, one must wonder whether the voters will change their minds on public funding.

and The Vikings.

How could this season get any worse for Minnesota? Not one aspect of this long season has gone right to this point - Brett Farve is a disaster, Brad Childress was fired, Chicago's leading the NFC North, voters would rather see them leave than pay a little extra in taxes, and the teflon roof of the Metrodome collapsed.

The perfect conditions are aligning in Minnesota for the team to leave. Besides for the dedication of the Vikings fanbase week in, and week out, I don't see why the team would want to remain in the great north. They need a new dome, a new quarterback, and a new source of revenue to help fund the new dome they need.

Will the fans, politicians, and voters of Minnesota approve of what is needed to keep the Vikings in state? We shall see in the coming months, and years.

What do you think?

Charles Krauthammer on the Tax Cut Deal

The Hammer has some comments on Friday's edition of Sean Hannity's show.

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Terrorists Strike Sweden

Two cars explode; one killed, two injured

Two cars bombs exploded in the Swedish capital of Stockholm last night, apparently killing a terrorist and injuring two civilians.  Just ten minutes before the first blast, the Swedish news agency TT received a rambling email, exclaiming:

"[T]he time has come to take action...Now your children, daughters and sisters shall die like our brothers and sisters and children are dying."
Firefighters try to put out car fire
The email also referred to drawing of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

Of one of the terrorist, witnesses said:
"He also had a rucksack full of nails and suspected explosive material, the newspaper said. It also quoted eyewitnesses saying the man was shouting in what was apparently Arabic."
Fox News also reports:
"Sweden — which has so far been spared any large terrorist attacks — raised its terror threat alert level from low to elevated in October because of "a shift in activities" among Swedish-based groups that could be plotting attacks there.
The security police said then that the terrorism threat in Sweden remained low compared to that in other European countries, and no attack was imminent."

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