Thursday, December 23, 2010

Murkowski Only "Repub" that Voted for DADT Repeal, Tax Compromise, New START, and DREAM Act Cloture

Though already called a RINO by most conservative Republicans for running a write-in campaign when she lost in Alaska's Senate Primary earlier this year, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska seems to not only be confirming her RINO status, but embracing it.

With lawsuits filed by Republican challenger Joe Miller about November's election being dismissed, Murkowski has won another six years in the Senate.  Apparently, she does not care that she will be considered a traitor to her party.  This is clear from her votes during the so-called "lame duck" session of Congress.

Going completely against the Republican grain, Murkowski has embraced Democratic President Barack Obama's agenda in its entirety.  Obama, reeling from major Democratic defeats in last month's mid-term elections, pushed hard for a new agenda and movement.  Murkowski clearly agrees.

Murkowski is the only Republican Senator who voted for each of the most visible bills that the President supported.  She voted in favor of repealing the nearly two-decades old "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," which stated that members of the military would not be questioned about their sexual orientation; under it, gays were not allowed to serve openly in the military.
Senator Murkowski also voted in favor of the so-called "tax-cut compromise," which, in reality, did not actually cut anyone's taxes, but kept taxes from increasing.  The President compromised with Republican leaders, allowing Bush-era tax cuts to extend, while he obtained increased spending.

Dubbed "New START," an agreement between President Obama and Russia was also approved by Murkowski.  Some conservatives lambasted it, as it lowers the amount of nuclear weapons in the United States' arsenal.

Finally, Murkowski voted in favor of cloture for the DREAM Act, a bill frequently derided by Republicans.  Though the bill has failed, Murkowski's intent was clear.

It is yet to be seen whether Murkowski will continue to buck Republican trends.  She seems to not know, not care, or has contempt for the fact that most RINOs were voted out last month, as well as dozens of Democrats in Congress.  However, if her recent actions are any indication, Senator Lisa Murkowski is officially a RINO out to be a foil for her very party.

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