Thursday, December 23, 2010

Giuliani 2012?

Rudy Giuliani for President?

Christian Heinze of The Hill has suggested former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani might be the perfect dark horse candidate to come in and clean up the 2012 Republican nomination. I'm still aggravated that Giuliani decided against running for either the Governorship or the Senate in New York this year, but a potential 2012 bid would explain his hesitation to both appealing public offices.

Would Mayor Giuliani be the most Conservative candidate in the field?

Absolutely not. His views on abortion and illegal immigration are detestable. However, despite his very socially liberal viewpoints, Giuliani did receive the Primary endorsement of Pat Robertson during his previous Presidential bid. Selecting a solid social Conservative* for Vice-President would definitely win over the evangelical voters (such as me) who dominate the Party.

Would Mayor Giuliani be the most accomplished Conservative in the field?

Absolutely. None of his potential opponents have real executive experience in handling the War on Terrorism like him, or in governing America's largest City (which is more populous than most of his potential candidates own states), or in handling, and successfully reducing widespread crime in America's largest City.

I'm still 100% on the Haley Barbour bandwagon, but just the prospect of a dark horse Giuliani candidacy is quite exciting to me. He received 600,000 votes in 2008 when he was well out of the race, and with foreign policy issues once again rising (and with folks like John Bolton) in the news - it's quite possible a Giuliani candidacy could compete for the hearts and minds of GOP voters in 2012.

Should "America's Mayor" remain in retirement, or return to politics?

* - Such as Mike Pence, or Jim DeMint.

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