Friday, December 31, 2010

Muslims Kill Seven in Egyptian Church Bombing

Remember, Islam is a religion of peace.  I mean, who wouldn't agree with that, especially after seven Christians were murdered this evening when coming out of a Church mass?

As Christians emerged from Alexandria, Egypt's Mass of the Saints Church, a car bomb ripped through the crowd killing at least seven and injuring at least 24.  Father Mena Adel, a witness to the carnage, explained:  "I was inside the church and heard a huge explosion.  People's bodies were in flames."

Remember, Islam is a religion of peace according to liberals.

In the aftermath, according to news sources,
"Some Christians from the church clashed with police in anger over the blast. The Christians hurled stones at police and a nearby mosque, chanting, "With our blood and soul, we redeem the cross," the witnesses said."
On a day meant to bring people together in celebration of a new year and friendship, terrorist scum always tries to rear its ugly head.  And who do they attack?  Peaceful people worshiping God.
Mass of the Saints Church
CBS further explains the situation in Egypt:
"The attack comes at a time of rising sectarian tension in Egypt and the broader region. In November, hundreds of Christians rioted in the capital, Cairom, smashing cars and windows after police violently stopped the construction of a church. The rare outbreak of Christian unrest in the capital left one person dead.
Christians are believed to make up about 10 percent of Egypt's mainly Muslim population of nearly 80 million people, and they have grown increasingly vocal in complaints about discrimination. There have been occasional attacks targeting Christians - most notably, in January 2009, seven Christians were killed in a drive-by shooting on a church in southern Egypt during celebrations for the Orthodox Coptic Christmas. The Saints Church in Alexandria targetting early Saturday also came under attack in April 2006, when a man with a knife stabbed worshippers."
Religion of peace.

Update:  The death toll has risen to at least 21.  New reports also indicate that it may not have been a car bomb and in fact could have been a suicide bomber on foot.

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Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to the faithful readers of Pundit Press. Our blog hasn't been updated as much as usual due to gaming, reading, vacationing, and working over the past few weeks by me, and my blogger comrades. We'll all be back in action soon, thankfully with a change in House leadership.

Here are some of our better articles from the past year:

Reid: 'I never said Iraq War was lost,' Angle is a "Liar"
The House condemns North Korea; One Republican doesn't
NBC names Ground Zero Mosque developer a "Person of the Year"

Consider this an open-thread; discuss whatever you please.

UConn Loses to Stamford

After eclipsing a Division I record with their 89th win, the UConn Huskies only made it to 90 before losing to Stamford to end their historic streak.  Let me rephrase that: the UConn Huskies' historic 90 game win streak ended tonight with their loss to #8 Stanford.  Will UConn begin another streak?  Only time will tell.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finally We All Agree

Progressive policies don’t work.  Everyone, even Progressives agree that their vast array of policies and the programs they always birth don’t work. 
That the provocateurs of these endless policy schemes agree that they don’t work is proven by the fact that these same Progressives constantly seek to revise, revamp, and expand every program they ever impose.  If they were working why is there a need for continuous upgrades?
That Conservatives agree must be deduced by their rhetoric since they do little else except talk. That talk always sounds merely like tinkering with the system since the repeal of these failed policies seldom if ever escapes their lips, unless there is an election on the horizon.
If we now add the recently awakened, no longer silent majority, to the mix we come across a constituency that gets it: these programs don’t work.  Yes, they may accomplish some worthwhile things in the short run, but are they sustainable?  Do these building blocks of the corporate state build a monument to the freedom of humanity or do they instead build a prison for the human spirit?
Yes, everyone agrees the cradle-to-grave nanny-state programs of the Progressive corporate state don’t work. What we disagree on is the motive for their imposition and the remedy for their failure.
In the social sciences it’s impossible to run controlled experiments.  Since the mice can talk they’re always asking, “Who moved my cheese?”  And since they have a nasty habit of jumping over the walls of the maze they confound the best laid plans and preconceived results of the social engineers.  For example, though the widely accepted social engineer Karl Marx assured us that the implementation of his programs would create a worker’s paradise the pesky workers from East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and all the other beautiful places his disciples managed to turn into hell holes kept jumping off the treadmill to nowhere.  They kept voting with their feet and choosing freedom with every opportunity. 
Consult the dustbin of History for the results.  Compare the economies and lifestyles of East and West Germany, Mao’s China and Hong Kong, the USSR and the USA.  Look at the stark contrast between the economy and lifestyle of North and South Korea.  Bring it closer to home and compare California and Texas.  There is no more fitting monument to several generations of Progressive leadership than the once proud motor-city of Detroit.  The policies and programs of the Progressive social engineers have caused more misery, injustice, poverty, and destruction than Attila ever dreamed of or Genghis Khan ever accomplished.  The Progressive secular saints have left a trail of broken dreams littering their path to paradise.
Margret Thatcher told us the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money, and I will add that the problem with our homegrown Progressive policies is that no one spends other people’s money as carefully as they spend their own.  If the government confiscates ten dollars from citizen A, then takes a fifty percent administration fee to redistribute it to citizen B, how can that five dollars returned to the economy be a net plus?  To say we’ll lose a little on each transaction and make it up in volume makes no more sense when it’s government policy than when it’s an example of poor logic.
In addition, in any system dedicated to the redistribution of wealth those who do the redistribution always seem to skim a little more than a little off the top.  And while all this selfless redistribution is going on our freedoms fall through the cracks.  Progressives talk much about freedom.  They want freedom from traditions, and freedom from decorum.  They want freedom of speech if that speech agrees with them.  They want freedom to practice any religion anywhere at any time, a masque at ground zero for example, but no nativities in public squares or prayers at high school graduations. Check that dustbin of history again; the only Presidents in modern American History who ever rounded up citizens for who they were, what they said, or what they wrote were the Progressives Wilson and FDR.
So if we agree the policies of Progressives don’t work what is the dispute that keeps us from completely agreeing?  Our disagreement centers on two things: motives and remedies.
As to motives the Progressives contend they want to help their fellow man.  No one is stopping them from doing so. They could give of their own resources or volunteer at a soup kitchen any time they feel the need to create a just society.  Instead, they want to force others to pay the freight for their ideas as to what causes and what people are worthy of assistance.  This is usually accomplished by them keeping their own money in their pockets while receiving the administrator’s redistribution skim/bonus.  Here’s the disagreement.  It’s transparently obvious the motive is not to help but to re-order, not to augment the system but to change it.
Looking at remedies, the Progressive’s answer to the fact that their Plan A always fails is to try Plan A again except this time make it bigger.  The remedy seen as purely commonsense to everyone else is Plan B.  Take the current mad rush to insolvency as an example.  We recently had a watershed election shouting as loud as possible, “STOP THE SPENDING!”  And what does the Progressive leadership of the twin parties give us, more spending, more spending, and just for good measure more spending.
It doesn’t take a genius to realize that when you are trapped in a hole the first thing you should do is stop digging.  When you’re bleeding to death the first thing to do is stop the bleeding.  Just look at the trial balloons floated by even the most fiscally responsible pragmatists the media call conservatives: return spending to what it was under George II.  That was unsustainable.  It was merely a slower ride to the poor house.
What we need is real change: balanced budgets, policies that will re-industrialize America, an end to wars we won’t win, open borders, and an end to inflationary monetary policy that will eventually collapse our economy.  Can we finally all agree on that?
Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the author of the History of the Future @ View the trailer for Dr. Owens’ latest book @ © 2010 Robert R. Owens  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"This Seat Reserved For Non-Wussies"

Governor Rendell has recently appeared on numerous media outlets (Fox News, NBC, and ESPN) to proclaim that the National Football League, and Americans in general, have become wussified. Rendell, who is in the final week of his term-limited Administration, started his anti-wussy outburst when the NFL cancelled Sunday night's primetime NBC matchup between the Vikings and the hometown Eagles, out of concern for public safety.

The Eagles, who are not pleased with Ed Rendell's campaign, had a little present for him at last night's long awaited football game, and it wasn't a victory:

The Minnesota Vikings won with relative ease last night, not one inch of snow was on the ground (and nothing out of the ordinary fell on Sunday night), and Governor Ed Rendell has become the official spokesmen of all things manly. What has happened to this nation is a damn fine question, but I prefer to focus on our weakened will to fight wars; not our weakened will to attend NFL games during massive snow storms.

So what say you?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Surprise: The Russians Are Becoming Republicans!

The Russians are becoming Republicans!

The Staten Island Advance published a wonderful piece yesterday on a new interesting political trend in New York City's only Conservative stronghold: Russian Immigrants are flocking to the Republican Party to escape the ugly socialistic trend of National Democrats. This news is crucially important to Staten Island Republicans, who were revitalized by the recent elections and could use another powerful pro-freedom base for decades to come.

Arkadiy Fiedman said it best when describing the Democratic Party as "too socialistic". Fiedman served in the U.S.S.R Army as an officer, immigrated to the United States in 1992, and heads the non-profit Staten Island Community Center. He later said that the Democrats shift is "very painful for us to see". I commend the Advance for publishing this fantastic article.

The Russians should feel at home within the Republican Party, where other victims of Communist and Socialistic regimes (Cubans & South Vietnamese) have pitched their tents in solidarity with the party of anti-communists. I'm proud to have them as comrades in America's ongoing political battle where neither prisons nor shots are involved, but energetic debates always are.

Our friends in the Democrat Party should listen to America's naturalized Russian citizenry. They understand what socialism is, and what it does to people. Hopefully.... This new trend will wake up both the leadership and membership in the Democrat Party, before the Michael Moore types can officially claim victory in the once proud Party of Jefferson and Madison.

What say you?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Christmas Song

Here's Nat King Cole singing his classic "The Christmas Song:"

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Murkowski Only "Repub" that Voted for DADT Repeal, Tax Compromise, New START, and DREAM Act Cloture

Though already called a RINO by most conservative Republicans for running a write-in campaign when she lost in Alaska's Senate Primary earlier this year, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska seems to not only be confirming her RINO status, but embracing it.

With lawsuits filed by Republican challenger Joe Miller about November's election being dismissed, Murkowski has won another six years in the Senate.  Apparently, she does not care that she will be considered a traitor to her party.  This is clear from her votes during the so-called "lame duck" session of Congress.

Going completely against the Republican grain, Murkowski has embraced Democratic President Barack Obama's agenda in its entirety.  Obama, reeling from major Democratic defeats in last month's mid-term elections, pushed hard for a new agenda and movement.  Murkowski clearly agrees.

Murkowski is the only Republican Senator who voted for each of the most visible bills that the President supported.  She voted in favor of repealing the nearly two-decades old "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," which stated that members of the military would not be questioned about their sexual orientation; under it, gays were not allowed to serve openly in the military.
Senator Murkowski also voted in favor of the so-called "tax-cut compromise," which, in reality, did not actually cut anyone's taxes, but kept taxes from increasing.  The President compromised with Republican leaders, allowing Bush-era tax cuts to extend, while he obtained increased spending.

Dubbed "New START," an agreement between President Obama and Russia was also approved by Murkowski.  Some conservatives lambasted it, as it lowers the amount of nuclear weapons in the United States' arsenal.

Finally, Murkowski voted in favor of cloture for the DREAM Act, a bill frequently derided by Republicans.  Though the bill has failed, Murkowski's intent was clear.

It is yet to be seen whether Murkowski will continue to buck Republican trends.  She seems to not know, not care, or has contempt for the fact that most RINOs were voted out last month, as well as dozens of Democrats in Congress.  However, if her recent actions are any indication, Senator Lisa Murkowski is officially a RINO out to be a foil for her very party.

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Giuliani 2012?

Rudy Giuliani for President?

Christian Heinze of The Hill has suggested former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani might be the perfect dark horse candidate to come in and clean up the 2012 Republican nomination. I'm still aggravated that Giuliani decided against running for either the Governorship or the Senate in New York this year, but a potential 2012 bid would explain his hesitation to both appealing public offices.

Would Mayor Giuliani be the most Conservative candidate in the field?

Absolutely not. His views on abortion and illegal immigration are detestable. However, despite his very socially liberal viewpoints, Giuliani did receive the Primary endorsement of Pat Robertson during his previous Presidential bid. Selecting a solid social Conservative* for Vice-President would definitely win over the evangelical voters (such as me) who dominate the Party.

Would Mayor Giuliani be the most accomplished Conservative in the field?

Absolutely. None of his potential opponents have real executive experience in handling the War on Terrorism like him, or in governing America's largest City (which is more populous than most of his potential candidates own states), or in handling, and successfully reducing widespread crime in America's largest City.

I'm still 100% on the Haley Barbour bandwagon, but just the prospect of a dark horse Giuliani candidacy is quite exciting to me. He received 600,000 votes in 2008 when he was well out of the race, and with foreign policy issues once again rising (and with folks like John Bolton) in the news - it's quite possible a Giuliani candidacy could compete for the hearts and minds of GOP voters in 2012.

Should "America's Mayor" remain in retirement, or return to politics?

* - Such as Mike Pence, or Jim DeMint.

Could Someone Please Bring Back Global Warming?

Atlanta Georgia is expecting a white Christmas this year. It will be the first such event since 1882, when 0.3 inches fell.

A strong storm system churning its way through the desert Southwest early Thursday will bring metro Atlanta a good chance for a white Christmas, with accumulating snow possible as far south as the Columbus and Macon areas, forecasters said.

While the ground probably won't be white when you wake up on Christmas, a rain-snow mix expected to begin during the morning will likely change over to all snow later in the day, Channel 2 Action News meteorologist Brad Nitz said.

Meanwhile Syracuse New York has been buried in the white stuff already accumulating 71.9 inches this month making it the snowiest December on record.

There has been at least a trace of snow on all but four days so far this month. In one four-day stretch last week, 43.2 inches came down. Never mind the inch or so that fell earlier in the fall.

Now we hear there is a Mini Ice Age coming......I was much happier with the warming weather!

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'Barack Obama Was the Biggest Loser of 2010'

From Spiegel, telling us what we already know. Nice to see it in print even if it is from a German rag.

"Barack Obama was the biggest loser of 2010. He allowed the angry Tea Party movement to grow powerful, he did not pass any decent laws despite his majority in Congress and he was aloof, elitist and indecisive. He had to accept a formidable, yet entirely understandable, defeat in the midterm elections as a result. No one expected much from Obama, at least not during the rest of this year."

"Now, just days before Christmas, Congress has ratified the New START disarmament treaty with Russia. … Will Obama build on this victory? Is it Obama's breakthrough as a president? Will it mark his comeback as a reformer? … Is a new era of cooperation beginning?"

"The opposite is much more probable, namely that the disarmament treaty will be Obama's last significant achievement for a long time. In January, the new Congress will convene. The new representatives who won in the midterm elections will come to Washington, including those Tea Party activists who have little interest in making compromises with Obama. With them, Congress will move to the right …. Possibly the only reason why so many Republicans voted for Obama's law was because they themselves fear the new era and see few chances of passing sensible, bipartisan laws in the new Congress."

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Why Are Democrats Smarter Than Republicans?

The headline says it all, “Obama told lawmakers not passing tax deal could end presidency...” The White House was quick to deny the truth of the statement attributed to a Democratic lawmaker going the extra mile to say the President had never spoken to Representative DeFazio in effect calling him a liar.  However, the general consensus among Washington watchers is that the Congressman told the truth and the White House told the lie.  Up is down, down is up and so goes life in the capitol of the Empire.
My question is if even Democratic congressmen leak that Mr. Obama and his administration are planting the flag in the ground on this tax and spend monstrosity, in effect saying this is their Gettysburg, why don’t the Republicans get it?  Why are Democrats smarter than Republicans?
I was a fourth generation Republican who cut my teeth in Nixon’s first presidential campaign, worked for Goldwater, Reagan, and all the following place holders until the impeachment debacle and the explosion of government growth and spending under Hastert, Lott, and Bush.  When the Republican Senate refused to impeach President Clinton for crimes he later admitted and when they then became Democrat Lite as the party of power and profit, I mailed my membership card to the party that was no longer the Grand Old Party of my great grandfather and became an Independent.
For most of my life I was a party man: accepting some things I didn’t agree with for the greater good of electing a party with a platform I could agree with.  However, once it became apparent that as far as the budget went we had elected the foxes to watch the hen house that the conservative social agenda received a tip-of-the-hat during elections followed by no action, and that the only victims of the impeachment were those who brought the charges the scales fell from my eyes.  Once I saw that the Republicans had lost their moorings and were swilling at the public trough, I realized the platform we conservatives battle so hard for and hold so dear is merely a mirage held in front of social and fiscal conservatives to keep them loyal to a Party captured by the Progressives.
Back in the Dream Time, when my mind was still locked in the glow of Ronald Reagan and all his example and message meant to America even then I wondered, “What’s wrong with these leaders of ours?  Why do the Democrats always seem to outsmart them at every turn?”
Even Reagan, the best of the best, was hoodwinked by Tip O’Neal in the amnesty bargain: we would grant amnesty and then seal the border.  The problem is the illegal immigrants got the amnesty, however America’s border was never sealed.  He also signed several tax deals with the Democratic majority.  We the People lost many deductions in exchange for lower rates.  The deductions never came back even though the rates started rising again as soon as the Gipper said good night and George the First forgot to read his own lips.
George Bush the Elder was out maneuvered by the Progressives so many times that 20% of his base ran to Perot opening the door for Clinton and the first attempt to ram national health care down America’s throat.  That time they overplayed their hand and the last great strategist among the Republicans, Newt Gingrich, was able to sell a Contract with America and bring the first Republican majority in Congress in 40 years. 
Newt kept the promises and brought some fiscal sanity back to Washington.  Within a few short years the Republican led Congress ended welfare as we had known it for generations and balanced the budget.  Unfortunately the Party of Lincoln then nominated someone who campaigned as if he had voted for Lincoln.  The 1996 Republican campaign would have had to improve several thousand percent to make it to dull.  Suddenly, with an assist from the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media, it was Clinton who had been dragged kicking and screaming to the benefit and spending cutting table who was the author of everything positive Congress had accomplished.  The Republicans had been outmaneuvered and outsmarted again.
According to every one of the serial re-counts Bush the younger won Florida and legitimately the presidential race of 2000.  Yet, to this day people talk of him being selected not elected.  After the dastardly deeds of 9-11 the rhetorically-challenged George captured the hearts of America and the admiration of the Western world by taking a bullhorn and talking to a crowd at ground zero.  Yet by fighting and winning America’s first preemptive war and then losing the peace through the lack of planning he soon lost the PR campaign which led to the Pelosi-Reid Congress and eventually absolute triumph of Progressivism in 2008.
The Progressives immediately took the reins of single-party rule and imposed their radical agenda to transform America into a Nanny-state based upon the re-distribution of wealth.  This wanton destruction of the traditional American society based on limited government and free enterprise sparked a vast rebellion in the silent majority and the resulting teanami of 2010 brought a Republican majority back to the People’s House and an expanded minority to the Senate.
What is the first thing these political savants do?  They strike a deal that anyone who has been paying attention can see is tailor made to save the discredited Obama presidency and set the stage for him to follow in Mr. Clinton’s footsteps taking credit for anything good the recent election might make possible.  What are these so-called leaders thinking?  They’re turning the victory of the grassroots into capitulation.  Not only have they signed on to a deal that extends uncertainty and raises estate taxes, they’re giving the Administration cover for a stealth stimulus filled with pork designed to help re-elect the President. 
So, “Why are Democrats smarter than Republicans?”  The answer is they aren’t.  It isn’t a matter of intelligence it’s a matter of people with dedication to something larger than themselves as opposed to people with dedication to seeing themselves as something larger than they are. 
The leadership of the Democrats are committed radical Progressives.  They have a long term agenda to transform America into a socialist welfare state with an unlimited government, and they never lose sight of that goal.  They’re willing to commit political suicide, or more accurately they’re willing to encourage their followers who do not inhabit safe seats to commit political suicide.  They never take their eyes off the ball.  They’re constantly pushing to move closer to the goal line even if it’s one inch at a time.
By comparison the leadership of the Republicans is composed of professional politicians. They’re pragmatists who do whatever they have to do and say whatever they have to say to retain their seats, their power, and their perks.  They believe the inside the beltway press who tell them how visionary they are to compromise, losing sight of those back home in fly-over country who instead believed the campaign promises and expect their representatives to stand up for principles.
The Party of Lincoln once again chooses to be on the receiving end of Pickett’s Charge instead of behind the spit-rail fence chanting “Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg” as their enemy wastes itself in a senseless charge against an immovable barrier.  Once again the leadership of the right has embraced the left in a bi-partisan attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the author of the History of the Future @ View the trailer for Dr. Owens’ latest book @ © 2010 Robert R. Owens  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If the 2012 GOP Primary was today.

If the 2012 Republican Primary was held today, who would you support for the Nomination? That is a fine question that will be asked over and over again to average American voters for the next sixteen months, and who better to ask first than the intelligent, well thought readers of Pundit Press?
Who would you support in the 2012 GOP Primary?
Governor Mitt Romney
Governor Mike Huckabee
Governor Sarah Palin
Governor Mitch Daniels
Governor Haley Barbour
Senator Jim DeMint
Speaker Newt Gingrich
Congressman Mike Pence
Congressman Paul Ryan
Talk show host Herman Cain free polls

2010 Census Apportionment of House of Representatives.

The United States Census Bureau has finally released their Apportionment numbers for both the House of Representatives and the Electoral College. The results are good for Southern and Western Republicans, while not so swell for Northern Democrats who continue to lose influence in both the House and the Electoral College.

Red represents growth and Yellow represents decline.

2010 Census Bureau winners:

Texas (R) - 4 seats. Florida (SS) - 2 seats. Arizona (R) - 1 seat. Georgia (R) - 1 seat. Nevada (SS) - 1 seat. South Carolina (R) - 1 seat. Utah (R) - 1 seat. Washington (D) - 1 seat.

2010 Census Bureau losers:

New York (D) - 2 seats. Ohio (SS) - 2 seats. Illinois (D) - 1 seat. Iowa (D) - 1 seat. Louisiana (R) - 1 seat. Massachusetts (D) - 1 seat. Michigan (D) - 1 seat. Missouri (R) - 1 seat. New Jersey (D) - 1 seat. Pennsylvania (D) - 1 seat.

Republican states continue to grow, while Democratic states continue to shrink.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

UConn Makes it 89 Straight, Maya Moore Sets Career High

The Huskies of UConn have won 89 basketball games in a row, breaking UCLA's John Wooden's record of 88.  A streak never thought to be broken, Geno Auriemma has surpassed Wooden.  Maya Moore, arguably the greatest women's college basketball player in history, also set a career high in points.  Certainly this was a night for the Huskies, their fans, and women's basketball in general.
The Lady Huskies look so good, it does not look like they will lose in the near future.

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The Truth about DADT

Now that the dust is beginning to settle it is time to digest and implement the new legislation. I am not military and have no practical idea as to how this will play out, but Cassie Fiano, someone deeply invested in the U.S. Marines does and has a unique perspective.

My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan in the Marine Corps. He loves his country and the Corps. His MOS — military occupational specialty — is an 0311, an infantry rifleman. This is a combat MOS. Like many Marines, he wasn’t a fan of repealing DADT. The number one concern I have heard from many Marines around Camp Lejeune was how the repeal would affect unit cohesion, although there are many other issues that come into play. The benefit of DADT has been that it allows the military to remain neutral on homosexuality. Now, the military will have to reconcile service with the gay rights agenda. How will the military now be forced to handle a gay soldier in a relationship? Will they be forced to approve of gay public displays of affection? What about those in the military who aren’t comfortable with their children seeing two men kiss while they’re doing their grocery shopping in the commissary? How will the military be forced to handle a gay soldier who gets married in a state that allows gay marriage? Will gay spouses receive military benefits now, too? And what about the gay servicemembers who aren’t married because their state doesn’t allow it, but are in committed relationships — do they qualify for benefits, too? Will gay and straight servicemembers be allowed to sleep in barracks together? What about when a unit is deployed, and the men are forced to sleep in even closer quarters? What will happen to the soldier or Marine who is uncomfortable with sleeping next to a gay man?
Conservatives and republicans have long been the backbone in the defense of the military. Are we now going to pick up our toys and go home now that,the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. I don't believe the repeal of DADT is terribly unreasonable and trust our commanders, generals, admirals and servicemen to implement this policy with minimal upset.

Right? As they say read the whole thing!

Update: Gay Patriot piles on ...

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Liberal Bias Alert- Yahoo: "End of year action restores Obama luster"

It must be nice for President Obama to have liberal "journalists" brown-nosing him, no matter how much he fails. Take Stephen Collinson, for example.  A non-biased, actual journalist would look at Obama's record-low approval ratings and realize that the President is at a low-ebb for popularity.  But apparently the liberal hack Collinson pays no mind to tricky things called "facts."

Take his newly written Yahoo "news" article.  According to Collinson, the country has returned to the kool-aid induced hysteria of rabid Obama support.  So declares his headline, "action restores Obama luster."  This "journalist" then goes into detail.

Here is his opening paragraph in its entirety:
"WASHINGTON (AFP) – From the wreckage of the mid-term elections, US President Barack Obama, preaching pragmatism and bi-partisanship, is engineering a political rebound and reinvigorating his administration."
Yes, yes, of course President Obama has been preaching pragmatism and bi-partisanship... He's always done that (wink, wink).  Unfortunately for Collinson, people cannot see him winking while reading the slop he calls an article.

But wait, there's more:

"After delaying his departure for his annual holiday in his native Hawaii, Obama was also working overtime to close another significant political victory -- Senate ratification of a new nuclear arms deal with Russia.
December's achievements will join a historic health care reform, a financial regulatory overhaul and the rescue of the banking and auto sectors in an already full presidential legacy after two crisis-scarred years in power."
Sigh.  Will these so-called journalists never get it?  They cannot simply lie to Americans and get away with it.  We are more intelligent than they can comprehend.

Obama: According to Liberals, he's back and better than ever

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Video: Biden Still Doesn't Get it

Joe Biden, interviewed by a friendly audience at NBC says that the November election signaled not a rejection of the Democratic Party, but rather a call for "compromise."

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Joe Manchin skips Senate votes for Christmas party.

Senator Joe Manchin skipped two very important votes yesterday to attend a Christmas party he never misses, while the cancer stricken Senator Ron Wyden remained in Washington to cast his non-decisive votes on both Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and the DREAM Act. This left Conservatives in West Virginia without true representation on either vote.

I can see the 2012 Republican candidate's campaign advertisement already:

Where was Senator Joe Manchin when Washington liberals were forcing the pro-illegal alien DREAM Act down our throats in 2010's lameduck session of Congress? He was drinking egg nog, singing carols, and avoiding his official Senatorial duties at a Christmas party he never misses.

Tell Senator Joe Manchin that on November 6th: We wont miss him either.

What was Senator Joe Manchin thinking when he made this idiotic decision?

Jets defeat Steelers 22-17.

The New York Jets (10-4) have defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers (10-4) twenty-two to seventeen this afternoon. The Jets won the game on a late fourth quarter safety by Jason Taylor that forced the AFC North division leading Steelers to drive for an unsuccessful touchdown in the final seconds, instead of a field goal.

Brad Smith (kickoff return) and Mark Sanchez (rushing) accounted for the Jets two touchdowns, while Nick Folk succeeded in both of his field goal attempts. I think this solid victory could be the spark that the Jets have lacked this season.

The Jets are traveling once again next week to take on the Chicago Bears.

NY Jets (10-4) - 22.
Steelers (10-4) - 17.

Daily LOL Cat

We are a political blog, but we also know that life has some laughs too.  Please enjoy the picture below and if you're into politics, please check out the rest of the site.

funny pictures - Ralph broke his glasses and had to wear his extra pair...
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is America Ready for an Unconventional Presidential Candidate?

It is fascinating that Herman Cain would bill himself as the "unconventional candidate" that America is ready to embrace. Particularly, given the candidacy of President Obama and his envelopment by the American people.

I don't know much about Mr. Cain, but I like what I hear in this interview with Greta Van Susteran.

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DADT is Repealed!!!

The Senate today voted today 65-31 to overturn "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and allow gays in the military. Obama is expected to sign the legislation into law sometime next week.

The law is a milestone for both the military and gay rights. The overturning of DADT is on par with Truman's 1947 executive order inegrating the military The United States joins countries like Israel, Canada, Australia, and the UK in allowing all citizens to join the military, regardless of sexual orientation.

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How will Obama respond to Venezuela?

The Venezuela Congress has granted "president" Hugo Chavez the authority to decree laws into existence. It makes me sick to my stomach to write the words, but Venezuela has officially fallen into the stern hands of a dictator, and unless someone (internal, or external*) takes the necessary steps to oust Chavez from power: Latin America's marxist regimes of the past could regain their control of the present, and of the near future.

The leader & nation of the free world must condemn Venezuela's actions as soon as possible. But is Barack Obama up to the job on either front?

Probably not. President Obama stood with Manuel Zelaya, who was attempting to abolish term limits in Honduras via an illegal national referendum last year, instead of standing with the Honduras People, Supreme Court, Congress, and Constitution - all of which called for the legally forced removal of the dictator wannabe.


That is just one example. We could go down the Cuban road where Obama has favored a weaker stance against the Communist Castro's regime and the Hugo Chavez road where Obama has joked about and dismissed the "presidente" of Venezuela constantly. That kind of attitude towards evil is often a tell-tale sign of inability and inexperience on foreign policy matters.

Obama will probably condemn Venezuela in a really tough letter to the United Nations, and then accept another anti-European book from Chavez whenever they meet again. I could be mistaken, but with the President's own disgustingly horrid record on despots across the entire world since being sworn in......

What do you think?

*- Paging the CIA.


How will Obama respond to Venezuela?

Here Comes the Judge

Judging that the mandate in President Obama’s Health Care bill is an unconstitutional expansion of the commerce clause, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson struck a blow for a commonsense approach to constitutional interpretation.  He further decided that words actually have meanings and are not merely place holders for future generations to use as they deconstruct the document meant to limit government into a document used to expand it.
Judge Hudson stated “At its core, this dispute is not simply about regulating the business of insurance -- or crafting a scheme of universal health insurance coverage -- it’s about an individual’s right to choose to participate.”  In his well reasoned and well stated 42 page opinion, Hudson also said many things which have needed saying for quite some time.  After years of activist judges stretching our tortured Constitution from limiting the government to limiting the citizen it’s refreshing to see an American jurist proclaiming that the corruption of our fundamental charter is leading us towards the creation of an unlimited central government usurping the powers expressly reserved to the States and the people.
Several of his statements are so well worded and so important they deserve repeating by every patriot who has a voice:
According to Judge Hudson:
“Although the Necessary and Proper Clause vests Congress with broad authority to exercise means, which are not themselves an enumerated power, to implement legislation, it is not without limitation.”
“Every application of Commerce Clause power found to be constitutionally sound by the Supreme Court involved some form of action, transaction, or deed placed in motion by an individual or legal entity.”
“Although purportedly grounded in the General Welfare Clause, the notion that the generation of revenue was a significant legislative objective is a transparent afterthought.”
“The legislative purpose underlying this provision was purely regulation of what Congress misperceived to be economic activity.”
“[i]f a person's decision not to purchase health insurance at a particular point in time does not constitute the type of economic activity subject to regulation under the Commerce Clause, then logically an attempt to enforce such a provision under the Necessary and Proper Clause is equally offensive to the Constitution.”
“The same reasoning could apply to transportation, housing, or nutritional decisions. This broad definition of the economic activity subject to congressional regulation lacks logical limitation and is unsupported by Commerce Clause jurisprudence....”
“Neither the Supreme Court nor any federal circuit court of appeals has extended Commerce Clause powers to compel an individual to involuntarily enter the stream of commerce by purchasing a commodity in the private market. In doing so, enactment of the Minimum Essential Coverage Provision exceeds the Commerce Clause powers vested in Congress under Article I....”
“The unchecked expansion of congressional power to the limits suggested by the Minimum Essential Coverage Provision would invite unbridled exercise of federal police powers. At its core, the dispute is not simply about regulating the business of insurance—or crafting a scheme of universal health insurance coverage—it's about an individual’s right to choose to participate.”
“[T]he Minimum Essential Coverage Provision appears to forge new ground and extends the Commerce Clause powers beyond its current high water mark."
These are the type of words patriots have been waiting to hear from the bench!  These are the bold and direct statements needed to reaffirm the truth that the Constitution is meant to limit government not to enable it to run roughshod over the freedom and liberty of the people.  If the original document did not make this clear the Tenth Amendment states this fundamental truth clearly for all to hear, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
However gratifying it is to hear an American Judge stand up for American values we must keep this victory in perspective.  Two other Federal Courts have previously upheld the government mandate.  And one thing can be confidently predicted, all of these rulings will be appealed. 
There is no effective way to bring pressure on a federal judge.  They are insulated by lifetime appointments.  Therefore, We the People cannot influence any of them and our opinion means nothing.  Although some desire for the procedure to be shortened, having the matter immediately brought before the Supreme Court, even that wouldn’t bring a definitive answer until well into the next election cycle.  And then the decision as to the continued freedom of American citizens to refrain from economic activity and the freedom of American citizens to make personal choices for themselves will be left up to nine individuals.   
As the Anti-Federalists warned so many years ago in Brutus's 15th essay; “The supreme court under this constitution would be exalted above all other power in the government, and subject to no control.” The essay continued to warn, “There is no power above them that can correct their errors or control their decisions.”  And, “The power of this court is in many cases superior to that of the legislature.”  Ultimately observing, “When great and extraordinary powers are vested in any man, or body of men, which in their exercise, may operate to the oppression of the people, it is of high importance that powerful checks should be formed to prevent the abuse of it.”  The ratification conventions of the States chose to ignore these powerful arguments; consequently, never has the freedom of so many rested upon the judgment of so few.  And, probably on a vote of 5 to 4 rests the fate of We the People and a limited government. 

Dr. Robert Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the author of the History of the Future @ View the trailer for Dr. Owens’ latest book @ © 2010 Robert R. Owens  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Democrat Bad News: Senator Wyden to Miss Votes.

Call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on DADT Repeal. We can still stop this.

Senator Ron Wyden, a very reliable Liberal Democrat from Oregon, announced today that he will not be present for most of next week's votes because of cancer surgery on Monday, and recovery in the days that follow. The good news is that the prostate cancer was caught early, and that the 14 year Senate veteran will be just fine.

The bad news? Senate Democrats will be without another yes vote on their attempts to pass the DREAM Act, ratify the START Treaty, and repeal the Military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. Or, I guess we could call this limited good news from a legislative standpoint, and only from that standpoint. I'm opposed to all personal attacks on elected officials, regardless of affiliation.

As for Democratic attempts to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell - the question is whether or not DADT opponents in the Senate can get another Democrat to oppose repeal (Joe Manchin already does), or get all of our Senators on the same page for the lameduck finale. Stay tuned for a crazy Christmas week in Washington, where Senator Harry Grinch is at it once again in.

Any thoughts?

Cuba Launches EcuRed, A "Non-Imperialist" Version of Wikipedia

It looks like Fidel Castro got tired of looking himself up on Wikipedia, as Cuba has launched EcuRed.  The site touts itself as non-imperialist; it is also designed for Mozilla Firefox because foxes are apparently communists.

The site's default language is Spanish, but don't let that stop you from checking out all of the biased goodness.  For example, it has an extensive article for the "Estados Unidos," or the United States.  Here is a translated paragraph about the United States' supposed imperialism:
"The national image that the United States see themselves as protectors and defenders of the law, freedom and democracy, is based on the belief that they possess moral superiority (because they are the "chosen people"). This assumption has allowed them to justify their interference in the internal affairs of other people (who are not "chosen of God") or outright violence against them."
The first interventionist attitude inspired by the spirit of "Manifest Destiny" was the obsession of the English settlers to be moved from their land (or kill) to Native Americans. As for his relationship with other nations, America tends to manage their external relations as if it were a moral crusade. Usually justify their actions with two arguments, whether the "strong nation that protects the weak", as you can see the vast majority of the American nations, or rather of "the struggle against evil to defend freedom and security the world, "as currently claims about their invasion of Afghanistan."
The website then goes on to say that our nation is not, in fact, ruled by its voters, but by the government.  I'm sure you can see the irony in the fact that Cuba is that way and not us:
"The American electoral system, despite his character central to the political system of that country, presents a series of increasingly sharp contradictions to the extent that the nation has expanded both territorially and in terms of the definition of regional and global imperialist interests. The participation of citizens in the electoral process, either as voters or as candidates, has serious disabilities that make the practice more and more away from what can be considered paradigmatic in the exercise of democracy.
They put many impediments to the electors vote as the elections are held on a weekday and you have to go to work the polling station where appropriate, as voting is not compulsory and the responsibility to vote rests entirely on the city, many people do not vote."
On the bright side, EcuRed references CNN in its article about the United States.

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15 Republicans Vote to Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Yesterday, over 8% of the current Republican House membership voted against the United States Marines who are fighting in Afghanistan, and with homosexual agitators who want to destroy Military cohesiveness, effectiveness, morale, and unity in the name of "civil rights". I feel sick to my stomach over this betrayal of Republican values.

The fifteen Republican traitors who voted to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell:
Representative Biggert.
Representative Bono-Mack.
Representative Campbell.
Representative Castle.
Representative Cao.
Representative Dent.
Representative Diaz-Balart.
Representative Djou.
Representative Dreier.
Representative Ehlers.
Representative Flake.
Representative Paul.
Representative Platts.
Representative Reichert.
Representative Ros-Lehtinen.

It's bad enough Americans oppose the War on Terror (even though they do appreciate that extra protection on their flights) with our troops on the ground in Afghanistan, but for our House of Representatives (and probably Senate) to put liberal social engineering over effective Military combat - is unbecoming of a proud people.

All 250 Representatives who voted for repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law - regardless of political affiliation, deserve a pink slip in November 2012. And to the fifteen Democrats who stood with our Military* on this issue: God Bless you for standing for what's right, even though the liberals in your Party will revolt.

This legislation is heading to the Senate, and hopefully the trashbin of history.

* - The men fighting in the desert, not Robert Gates.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tax Deal Passes Senate

 The Senate overwhelmingly approved the deal to extend the Bush tax cuts for the next two years. Some Democrats had hoped to prevent the passage of the deal but apparently the Senate as a whole believed otherwise. But of course, not everyone is happy:

"It's hard to believe they think it's wise to give a windfall to heirs such as Paris Hilton,'' Democratic Representative Chris Van Hollen, an assistant to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, wrote in The Washington Post Wednesday. 

So we'll see what happens in the House soon enough.

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Congressional Approval Falls to New Low

 This may seem a little redundant, but the United States Congress has become more and more unpopular. There, I said it. But it may surprise you (even just a little) that it is polling at the bottom of any Congress since polling was done in the 1930s. That's how unpopular they've become. Gallup has the newest poll out that gives Congress some.... shall we say, poor marks.

Approve: 13%
Disapprove: 83%
Other/und: 4%

This represents the lowest mark for Congress since July 2008 when the Democratic-controlled Congress was incorrectly thought to be controlled by Republicans. There was $4 gas and the market began imploding. Now the Democrats have outdone themselves. 

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John McCain on Phil Hendrie

Here's an awesome interview that Phil Hendrie did with Senator John McCain.  Listen to the part where they talk about zombies (I'm not kidding):

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The Hudson ObamaCare ruling means nothing.

Memo to Conservative bloggers: Stop celebrating over yesterday's Henry Hudson decision that ruled the individual mandate portion of ObamaCare "unconstitutional". We didn't win anything, we didn't prevent enforcement, and we didn't outlaw the law. I just do not understand all of the excitement.

So what happened yesterday? The Conservative Republican Attorney General of Virginia got a Conservative Republican judge in Virginia, who was appointed by a Conservative Republican in 2002, to rule a portion of the most hated piece of legislation in Conservative Republican history unconstitutional.

Judge Hudson did not file an injunction to stop the practice of ObamaCare when it comes into effect in 2014. Unfortunately, without this, there is not much we can do at this court level to stop the mandates from coming into effect. We'd need something from a higher court-- or at least an injunction.

Give me a break! We won absolutely nothing yesterday, except vindication of our arguments to repeal the awful law, which everyone with two brains already realized. Is that really something to celebrate for an entire news cycle? Absolutely not. We need to get our repeal/outlaw plans in line for ObamaCare: Anything short of a 5-4 ruling on the Supreme Court is definitely worthless to our cause.

Call me when Justice Kennedy makes his decision on ObamaCare.

Until then we need to make sure that we bring the case up to the Supreme Court and get them to deem the bill unconstitutional. We can't accept half-measures as long as we cannot repeal ObamaCare-- and we need the Court to step in and force the end of the mandates.