Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shocker: Repub. Stephen in Statistical Tie with Dem. Lynch in NH

Just four weeks ago, Democrat John Lynch lead Republican John Stephen by 11 points in their race for New Hampshire's highest office.  Lynch, the incumbent governor, was enjoying the sizable lead, thinking that his seat was secure.  A new poll says it is not.

According to the nation's most accurate polling service, Rasmussen, Mr. Lynch and Mr. Stephen are in a statistical dead-heat, with Lynch receiving 48% and Stephen garnering 46%, well in the margin of error.  This destroys the mindset that the seat is untouchable.

This new poll is even more shocking when compared to recent elections that Lynch participated in.  In 2006, as an incumbent, Lynch defeated his Republican opponent Jim Coburn by garnering73.5% of the vote.  In 2008, Lynch defeated another Republican challenger, Joseph Kennedy, by garnering 69.8% of the vote.  New Hampshire is one of only two states to hold gubernatorial elections every two years.

In 2008, Barack Obama defeated John McCain by approximately 10%, which is yet another thing in stark contrast with the current governor's race.

In a year where Republicans look to make huge gains in Congress, it looks as if they may also make huge strides elsewhere.

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