Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lisa Murkowski is a small, small woman.

Lisa Murkowski is a small, small woman.

Instead of endorsing the Republican ticket that her fellow Alaskans selected in late August, Senator Lisa Murkowski has announced a write-in campaign for US Senate. Of course, you know what this means: the long red State of Alaska could go blue this November if Joe Miller and Senator Murkowski split the GOP vote.

Alaska's 2004 Senatorial election:
Ms.Murkowski (R) - 149,773 - 48.6%.
Tony Knowles (D) - 140,424 - 45.6%.
Third party/Other - 18,112 - 5.8%.

Joe Miller is the rightful Republican Nominee in Alaska, but because the little Senator subscribes to the divine right of all Murkowski's to rule, she absolutely refuses to accept the will of the people, jeopardizing the future of the Party that she has called home for years. It is amazing what a little power will do to people.

Alaska's 2010 Republican Primary:
Joe Miller - 55,878 - 50.9%.
Ms.Murkowski - 53,872 - 49.1%.

This should be a lesson to everyone involved in politics: what appeared to be a sure thing a few weeks ago, winning back the US Senate in our case, has become unachievable. Whether our current fall started with an unelectable candidate in Delaware, or a power obsessed Senator from Alaska, I'll let you decide, but one thing is undeniable - the Senate is unattainable this election.


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