Saturday, September 18, 2010

To Liberals, 9/11 is Now a Joke

Many people have forgotten what September 11, 2001, meant.  So many do not remember the pain they felt and how the United States came together to heal.  So many don't know who our enemies are anymore.  It is a shame.  Yet, many liberals do remember 9/11, but they bring greater shame to themselves than those who have forgotten.  To liberals, 9/11 is a joke, a punch line.

I could reference the 2008 Presidential election when liberals would uproariously laugh whenever someone mentioned Rudy Giuliani and 9/11 and the point would be made.  But there is so much more and it is disgusting.

Take scam artist Michael Moore, for example.  On the repulsive Bill Maher, Moore made joke after joke about 9/11, which Maher called "comedy:"

Or how about Family Guy making a mockery of Ground Zero to make a point:

Or Wanda Sykes saying that "Rush Limbaugh was the twentieth hi-jacker:"

So what does this say about liberals?  Does it say they have no respect for the dead?  Yes.  Does it say they don't understand the tragedy?  Of course.  But it says something much more: they have not only turned September 11 into a political football, but they now see it as funny and fake.  They do not care about our troops or the 9/11 victims families.  They think that it's better to laugh at the people who flung themselves out of the Towers than to remember and respect them.

Those who do this are scum.  How else could you explain what liberals have done?  How else can you explain Charles Johnson becoming a liberal, even though he said he became "conservative" after 9/11?  I just don't understand.

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