Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Primary Night Updates and Open Thread

Stay tuned at Pundit Press for all of the news from the primary. Some important races:

Castle v O'Donnell*

New York:
Gillebrand v. Goode
Paladino v. Lazio
Blakeman v. Dioguardi
Berntsen v. Townsend

New Hampshire:

Ayotte* v. Lamontagne

* Denotes Sarah Palin endorsed

8:14 pm

With 5.3% reporting:

Lamontagne: 52.7%
Ayotte: 31.7%

8:20 pm

NH Governor Race: Incumbent John Lynch (D) up with over 83%-- looks like a win

8:21 pm:

NH Governor Race: John Stephen up with 74% in Republican race with 5.6% in.

8:28 pm:

With .6% in Delaware

O'Donnell: 57.4%
Castle: 42.6%


DE Senate: With 7.7% in:

O'Donnell: 52.3%
Castle: 47.7%

8:37 pm

DE Senate with 13.8% in:

O'Donnell: 54.7%
Castle: 45.3%

8:41 pm

DE Senate with 13.8% in:

O'Donnell: 55.9%
Castle: 44.1%


DE Senate with 21.8% in:

O'Donnell: 55.4%
Castle: 44.6%

8:57 pm

Bob Erlich has won the MD Gov Nominee for the GOP

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