Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DNC Chairman: Republicans are "Cannibal[s]"

Some people are crazy.  Michael Moore, for instance, is nuts.  But comparing Republicans to the Donner Party?  Well, that takes a special kind of crazy.

Enter DNC Chairman Tim Kaine.  In a recent interview, the clearly deranged Kaine was asked about Republicans and the Tea Party, and what affect they were having on the 2010 elections.  He responded
"What we're seeing in the Republican Party is that they invited the Tea Party in and it's turning into the Donner Party, in some instances, because they're turning the energy and the ferocity against each other."
That's right, the Donner Party.  The people who got lost going West in the 1800s and ate several of their travel companions.
Unfortunately, Kaine must be painfully unaware that Republican prospects for the 2010 elections are excellent, part of which is because of the Tea Party (and part of which is because of how the nation has been run since President Obama took office).

This comment comes after Kaine called his fellow Democrats "crazy" for following Barack Obama's "failed" agenda.  So, according to Kaine, one side is crazy and the other side are a bunch of cannibals.  I think we all know that Kaine is a loon.

Maybe Kaine should stick to yelling at people on a street corner instead of referencing the eating of human beings.  At least that way people can just call him crazy and keep walking.

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