Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lamontagne Takes Early Lead in NH Race

Ovide Lamontagne has taken an early lead in the New Hampshire Senate Republican primary versus Attorney General Kelly Ayotte. Ayotte has been consistently ahead in the general election polling. Lamontagne was famously endorsed by Jim Demint and Ayotte by Sarah Palin.

With 5.3% reporting:

Lamontagne: 52.7%
Ayotte: 31.7%

With 6.6% reporting:

Lamontagne: 51.2%
Ayotte: 32.4%

Source: Politico

Not sure where this will lead but this is another Tea Party-Establishment vote.
Full election coverage and open thread here.

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  1. Hey lets throw another Senate seat away. NV, NH, DE, GOP will be lucky to have 45 seats come Jan.