Monday, September 13, 2010

O'Donnell leads Castle.

I hope Delaware Conservatives are happy:

Christine O'Donnell is now leading Representative Michael Castle in Delaware's contentious Republican Primary that will be held on Tuesday, which will decide the Nominee for November's US Senate election. Ms.O'Donnell is leading Rep. Castle, even though she is a sure loss in the general election against Democratic candidate Chris Coons according to Rasmussen poll from last week.

Christine O'Donnell - 47%.
Rep. Michael Castle - 44%.

The results are out of Public Policy Polling, which is a fairly accurate liberal leaning organization from the great State of North Carolina. One that the Wall Street Journal ranked as the second best swing state pollster during the 2008 Presidential election.
O'Donnell: Now Leading Castle
Of course, no one will actually know who the GOP Nominee in Delaware is until tomorrow night, after the polls close, and the votes are tallied. However, here's to hoping that the Delaware GOP will select the man who will win again, instead of the woman who has never won anything when challenged, and who will never win anything when challenged, except for local dog catcher in Dover.



  1. We need to block Obama's nominees. Having a minority in the Senate won't help.

  2. Wow! If she should win, will you continue to slam her so Coons has a better chance, or will you hopefully remain silently shocked? Maybe Castle will become a Democrat, or an Independent and win anyway. And, what's up with all this dissing of dog catchers, like they aren't worthy? Guess you would bad mouth the garbageman, too? These public servants happen to be my friends. How do you feel about police officers...act stupidly? Just wondering.

  3. You're an idiot.

    If O'Donnell wins - I'll support her....but she is going to lose regardless. Conservatism does not win in Delaware. You cannot change the facts my friend.

    Castle is a dedicated Republican who supported the War on Terror, the Patriot Act, is against ObamaCare/Stimulus/Wasteful spending, supports Tax Cuts.

    I have nothing against dog catchers, garbagemen, or other low level public servants. My point was that she has such a horrific track record, that she could only win election to be a dogcatcher.

    Also, you scumbag, my Father was a Cop, who was shot at twice, for just being a cop. Go screw yourself.

  4. Not to make a mockery of politics, but I haven't been paying that close attention to the Delaware race. All I have to say about it is that... Christine O'Donnell is, as Joe would say, "smokin'." Castle is a dedicated Republican, but if he loses, I'll have no problem supporting O'Donnell.

  5. Mr. K
    Checked back to see if you wanted to have a discussion. You are in good company by not supporting Christine O'Donnell...Erick Erickson, Dick Armey...people I respect. Calling me an "idiot" "scumbag" who should "go screw" herself put you in bad company with the likes of intolerant liberals who hate anyone with a disagreement. Found you through Lucianne...I won't come back to read anything else you have to say. Her site is pretty classy. Hope she reads what you had to say, and reconsiders sending folks your way.

  6. Looks like you have a fan, Mr. K. Apparently one that insults you and then... whines when you insult him back. Clearly "Anonymous" is not a conservative because then he would understand what you are trying to say.