Monday, September 13, 2010

Majority of Americans in Favor of Extending Tax Cuts for Wealthy

Sorry Mr. President, but it looks like you are on the outs with the American people again.  According to the nation's most accurate polling service, Rasmussen, 51% of Americans are in favor of extending President Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy.

This revelation comes at a time when President Obama is pushing the mantra of "fear versus hope" in the upcoming 2010 elections.  The President has also stated that Republicans are desperately trying to tax everyone into slavery, while he himself is defending raising taxes.  With this new poll, it seems that the President's campaign for taxing the wealthy is not taking hold with the average American.

Possibly more revealing is the fact that only 35% of Americans believe that increasing taxes on the wealthy would help the U.S. economy.  That is a 16% difference between opinions.  With Republicans eying huge gains in November, these polls seem to lean in their favor.
Overall, the vast majority of Americans favor the extension of the Bush tax cuts to the middle class.  82% of Republicans believe that the tax cuts should be kept, while 63% of Democrats (showing a clear departure from the President) believe that tax cuts should be extended for the Middle Class.

With Republicans looking to gain ground on Democrats in November, and with the possibility that they may take the House and Senate, this new polling data must be upsetting for the President.

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