Tuesday, September 14, 2010

O'Donnell Takes Early Lead

With less than 1% of the vote in, Christine O'Donnell has taken an early lead in the Delaware Senate race. According to the votes in so far, it looks like a fairly large lead. O'Donnell was endorsed by Jim Demint and Sarah Palin.

Not sure where the votes are coming from right now. It would also be interested to see the 2006 and 2008 primaries to see the percentages of moderates and conservatives voting in those primaries.

With .6% in:

O'Donnell: 57.4%
Castle: 42.6%

Update 8:34 pm with 7.7% in:

O'Donnell: 52.3%
Castle: 47.7%

Update 8:37 pm with 13.8% in:

O'Donnell: 54.7%
Castle: 45.3%

Update 8:41 pm with 21.8% in:

O'Donnell: 55.9%
Castle: 44.1%

Update 8:45 pm with 36.6% in:

O'Donnell: 55.4%
Castle: 44.6%

Source: Politico.

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