Monday, November 23, 2015

Planned Parenthood latest manifestation of our loss of a moral anchor

Successful societies require strong moral anchors. Lacking those, societies have to rely more heavily on government regulation and enforcement.

The latest Planned Parenthood incidents exemplify how we are losing our moral bearings. As a result, there will be even more government to replace the internal values that used to guide us.

We are moving in the wrong direction.

I’ve long held that we owe the greatness of this country to a salutary blend between secular rules and moral values, a good working together of God and Caesar.

I've further maintained that Christian moral values induce behaviors that obviate the need for an excessive number of secular rules; they keep government from having to regulate moral behavior.

One reason the Constitution is so relatively simple is because, as John Adams himself said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” In other words, the two are necessary.

I've always seen the Establishment Clause, the very first words of the Bill of Rights, as the umbilical cord between our secular and religious laws, the religious being just as important as the secular because they are the source of our morals, virtues and values. Now we seem to be losing these.

Plan Parenthood is only the latest manifestation of our loss of a moral anchor.

As the Left continues its march to secularism, their care for science in many cases doesn't go far beyond the actual invoking of the word.  Everyone can be as smart as a scientist now if you just integrate the word into your arguments enough times.

What is equally disturbing to me is the Lefts continued use of the argument, "no proof of anything illegal".  I heard the head of Planned Parenthood use this the same defense as I have heard Hillary and her apologists use time after time for her many debacles.

It's truly as if the Left now knows that right or wrong are useless in politics today because if it doesn't rise to legal standards, who cares.  They are right as long as it's for their side of the political spectrum.

So in America today the Left is reduced to defining their entire moral compass in the context of power and winning elections.  The unborn are not important enough to them.

One thing that really surprises me is that for years we have been told by the abortion proponents that it is not a baby, it is simply a clump of cells. Now after the videos arose, we are seeing those clumps of cells have organs that are worth harvesting for fetal research.

So much for those theories.

No matter where you fall on the abortion issue, selling parts of aborted babies, and babies carefully aborted to preserve vital and costly organs, has got to be abhorrent.

As to the meme that these were "carefully edited" films, well no one edited the words coming out of the mouths of those women.  They were both haggling over how much Planned Parenthood would get for the recovered fetal tissue.

And why would Planned Parenthood need to be reimbursed anyhow?  Either they gave the tissue, as it was, for research for free or they could throw it away. What reasoning gets them any money for tissue that supposedly would be disposed of anyhow?

And, just to make a fine point, apparently these tissues are not just a glob of goop, but really lungs, hearts, brains, hands, toes, eyes and skin.  Hmmm, seems the folks who push so hard for abortion on demand citing that this is just a lump of cells and nothing more, want to have it both ways.  Lump of useless cells, or a heart, lung or other valuable organ to use for research.

If we are looking to find ways to reduce the deficit, cutting funding for Planned Parenthood would seem to be a great candidate.  Even their name is a fraud.  It should be Planned Elimination of Parenthood.

And shouldn't their be some restrictions on the sale of fetus organs?  One would think moral grounds alone would make this unacceptable.

Donating bodies or organs to science is certainly useful and at times noble.  But we can see how selling fetus organs is vile and certainly has unintended consequences that we begin to see in these videos.

I will acknowledge that defunding Planned Parenthood is next to impossible at the point and time. However, Planned Parenthood could be forced to decouple it's abortion activities from whatever else it is they do.

This would be easy.  Make all Federal funding to Planned Parenthood contingent on them separating their abortion activities out into a completely separate and accountable division.  One for which the funding and spending is separately accountable.

By doing this two objectives are achieved:

1)  The fungibility of the funding goes away and taxpayers are now confident that no Federal money goes to perform abortions.

2)  Planned Parenthood will now have to show clearly how large a percentage its abortion activities are of what it does, and it further has to charge the clients of its abortion services whatever is required to pay for it.

Planned Parenthood exemplifies how an arrogant left and their idiotic science based policies can run amok. What positive societal outcome is/was hoped for when tax dollars began to be used in support of the 'non-profit'?

Planned Parenthood started in 1916 handing out birth control pamphlets and relied on charity.  It has turned into a Fed surrogate, carrying out at taxpayer expense, the policy of abortions at will and free.

What a disgrace for a mostly God fearing country. Small unborn children are being dismembered and treated like animals. The callousness is chilling.

 It's easier to mourn over the killing of a lion than over the killing of a baby. That's how far from our humanity some have come.

Most horrifying about what has come out through the undercover Planned Parenthood videos is how such large segments of our society have been slowly dehumanized. That was bound to happen when some people will not even stand up against late term abortions.

 What have we come to? And I ask this as a person who was taught to respect all human life.

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