Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Top Planned Parenthood Exec: Aborted baby parts sales can make a fair amount of income

The latest video by The Center for Medical Progress features several top-level Planned Parenthood executives discussing the organization’s secretive practices around aborted fetal parts harvesting.

In the video, Deborah VanDerhei, the National Director of the organization’s Consortium of Abortion Providers, says that aborted baby part sales are "a valid exchange" and can make "a fair amount of income."

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country, responsible for 327,000 abortions every year, and receives $528 million in taxpayer money each year.

“From email black-outs to contorted oxymorons like ‘donation for remuneration,’ the lengths to which Planned Parenthood leadership will go to cover-up their illegal sale of aborted baby parts are nothing less than the desperation of a guilty conscience.

“Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards openly admits they receive ‘$60 per tissue specimen,’ and their contracts with StemExpress offer payments per fetus ‘determined in the clinic to be usable.’ Planned Parenthood runs their abortion and baby parts business in open disregard for the law and should be prosecuted immediately.

"Their taxpayer funding should be reassigned to Federally Qualified Health Centers, which provide more and comprehensive health services at locations outnumbering Planned Parenthood 20 to 1," David Daleiden, Project Lead for CMP, said in a statement to Pundit Press.

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