Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ABORTION: Running away from actions and responsibility

Isn’t it ironic that the leftist feminist movement, those who demand to be treated equally, to have a seat at the table, and to break through the glass ceiling have fought steadfastly to have the right to absolve responsibility for their actions?

If they are so smart you’d think they would not get pregnant, or if they did, would take responsibility for their actions. Instead, like little girls who have not matured, they want to run away from their actions by aborting their babies.

The vast majority of the 55 million abortions performed have not been done as a result of rape or incest, or for saving the life of the mother. They’ve been done for convenience. Repugnant is not a strong enough word for that.

Since 1972, there have been roughly 55 million abortions. Assume that 10% of those abortions have been had by women who’ve had multiples. We know for a fact that only 1% of abortions were the product of rape or incest.

That means that there are about 50 million women who have had an abortion, virtually all of which were by “choice” of self-interest.

Let’s cut the number of abortions to 40 million. Whatever. Every one of these 99% of 40 million women was told that their abortion choice was based on some sort of right . Most if not all of those women were informed that their infant was not a full human.

For us to turn that ghastly lie upside down, we are going to have to believe that 40-50 million post-abortion women will confront their choice. Ain’t gonna happen. That’s why they are so dedicated to the cynical rhetoric of the Democratic Party.

These women will not and cannot engage themselves in second guessing their own morally misled decisions. It is simply too painful, and too easy to stay wrapped in the rhetoric of gender feminism. It is too easy to condemn anyone who discusses abortion with any thoughtfulness as being “sexist” and “anti-woman.”

Out of 55 million, I am sure that some were driven by extreme circumstances. Those were the ones where moral struggle was real and true. But spare us all the conceit that 55 million industrial abortions were of that kind.

Confront, if you have the backbone, the gender feminist doctrine that sexual union should be simply for fun and freedom. Abortion is an elemental piece of that ideology.

And confront the rhetoric from every woman when it comes to defending 55-million abortions. The language is always composed of gender feminist phrasing, nearly always anti-Christian, and it never ever speaks of the gender feminist doctrine of sexual freedom.

And if a male dares discuss the thing, well, welcome to the world of swooning political correctness. No thinking allowed. Too dangerous.

The gender feminist line of “we are victims of men” simply does not cut it. The gender feminist philosophy that female sexuality should be as free and unfettered as men is the political engine that runs this whole sordid thing. It’s disgusting to listen to the same old feminist canard that 55-million abortions since ’72 have been performed on poor little victims of bad men.

As soon as all of the college-indoctrinated but thoughtful women can come to a state of truthful honesty about the human tragedy created by gender feminism and its selfish ideology, our nation can begin to re-civilize itself.

Women still had some choice (outside of rape or incest, which are not the majority of reasons for abortion) in having sex. The problem is that, today, women are not taught that their bodies and their lives are a gift from God. Instead, the feminists and pro-abortionists say their bodies are theirs alone, and if they are irresponsible and have sex and get pregnant, they have the right to dispose of the baby pre-birth.

What a greater gift to every woman, especially young women, to be told that she is precious and should save her body for a man who loves her and will marry her! That’s what older generations (pre feminists) were taught, and most of them waited for marriage.

As a result, men expected to wait for a good woman, and women had greater self-esteem than they do today.

What I believe is that men and women no longer have self-respect to say “no” to sex outside of marriage. We fool ourselves into thinking that sex has no emotional consequences, and we’re told that it shouldn’t have emotional consequences–it’s “just sex.”

Without a strong shared moral code a society can’t survive for long. I base this on a theory I developed that I have so far been able to validate through observation of multiple contemporary cultures and history going back millennia.

What I find fascinating is that many of the values that evolved over millennia are heavily based on survival, including of the group. Yet in our society this urge to survive is being lost. The balance that developed over such a long time between the individual and the group seems to be shifting towards the individual, with the strong group values being lost.

Interestingly, and here I am still on soft ground, Christianity might have contributed to that shift by strengthening individual liberty.

I believe Christianity allowed the various revolutions of the last four centuries that led to the dominance of the West. It did this by emphasizing the role of the individual, making him and her responsible for interpretation of the Bible, coupled with even stronger shared group rules or values to hold the group together and help moderate individual freedoms.

When those group values began to be lost, including family values, as I hope is apparent to all, the individual started going his or her way, and, in my opinion, the group has begun to fall apart.

I don’t like going around judging people when I don’t know all of the facts each of them is having to face, and that applies equally to the President, although I don’t have to agree with his politics.

With the above as context, I am horrified, however, by both Barack Obama’s apparent disdain for new life, as evidenced by his votes on late or partial birth abortion in the Illinois legislature; and the nonchalance with which he goes about further dividing the country for the sake of his political agenda, instead of seeking the unity that the country requires in order to survive.

I find science and the entire field devoid of moral authority. “Science” is a very weak institution that has been put at the service of monsters since its inception.

Why should today’s abortion culture be any different. The scientific community knows well the statues and ability to experience conscious pain by a fetus. For political and monetary reasons they refuse to form or even attempt to come to a consensus. They are led by the latest political fad and invention of new so-called universal rights. They go along to get along. Always have always will.

No moral compass other than their own self-interest and to be in service to anyone with the coin and or power. Has science been more good than bad? Depends on who is paying the piper.

Moral shape changers who like fire must be controlled by outside moral forces since they are a blank slate to be written upon by others.

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