Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ted Cruz: GOP foolish to criticize Donald Trump

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz said that it's foolish for his fellow GOP presidential candidates to criticize Donald Trump.

“I would note that an awful lot of Republicans, including other Republican candidates, have gone out of their way to smack Donald Trump with a stick. Now I think that’s just foolish.

“Donald Trump had a rally in Phoenix, Ariz. [to which] between 10 and 20 thousand people came out. When you attack and vilify the people at that rally as crazies, it does nothing to help Republicans win in 2016. I’d like every single person at that rally to show up and vote in 2016, knock on doors with energy and passion, and turn this country around.

"If Washington politicians show contempt and condescension to those [voters,] that is a path to losing at the ballot box.

“There are no doubts that there are policy differences between me and Donald Trump’s past policy positions.

“There may well come a time in this conversation where we discuss those differences more fully. No one is asking about tax policy. [The media] wants me to comment on the salacious back-and-forth, and I’m not going to play that game.

“I am grateful to Donald Trump for forcing the media to talk about illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a tremendously important challenge facing this country, and it is an issue where I have been leading the fight for many years," Cruz said.

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