Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton turns over personal email server to Justice Department

Turning over the server and thumb drive(s) is no mere magnanimous act on the part of Hillary Clinton. With the FBI investigation underway on the past secret emails she sent from her server, she was going to be served with subpoena to turn it all over soon anyway.

What is likely is that her handlers convinced her that the stalling and time was up.

In other news, the Inspector General has just identified two emails sent from her personal server that contained top secret information. This, like the previous secret emails, will be referred to the Justice Department for further FBI criminal investigation.

Once the FBI gets the server and thumb drive(s), it will be game over. Nothing is every truly "deleted".

The forensics people will get a hold of those drives and perform a deep reconstruction. Either they will find further damning evidence that she mishandled classified information, or they will find evidence that she purposely destroyed evidence. The data patterns on those disk platters will be subjected to deep analysis and reveal their secrets.

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