Friday, May 29, 2015

Carly Fiorina: United States is "not making progress" in its fight against ISIS

GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina says the United States is "not making progress" in its fight against the Islamic State.

"It's more than a tactical setback," Fiorina said about the fall of Ramadi to ISIS forces.

"It demonstrates that we're not making enough progress in degrading and defeating ISIS.

"But I know we're not making progress, and so if you're not making progress, you're arguably falling back."

"Instead of having a Camp David conference to talk our Arab allies into a bad deal with Iran, I would have a Camp David conference to talk with our Arab allies about how we can support them to fight ISIS.

"The Kurds have been asking us to arm them for three years. We still have not. The Jordanians have been asking us to provide them with bombs and materiel.

"There are a whole set of things we've been asked to do by our allies, who know this is their fight, and we're not doing any of them. So I would hold a summit and talk about that.

"I think it's premature until we have a conversation with our allies. It's a little bit like saying, 'Okay there are all these alternatives in front of us that our allies who are there have told us will help, and we’re just going to leap over all of those and talk about boots on the ground.’

"And I think President Obama has created this dichotomy where basically what he says is, if you don’t agree with me, the only option is to go to war. It’s just false. It’s a false choice. So we shouldn’t fall into that trap," Fiorina said.

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