Thursday, February 19, 2015

President Obama's failed policies affect us both at home and abroad

Obama-drinkingPresident Obama's failed policies continue to affect us both at home and abroad.

The U.S. has run into problems even while the economy has responded somewhat. Business has continued to increase its productivity using new technology, which has resulted in people being continually put out of work. Traditionally innovation and new businesses have served to hire those whom technological advances in old industries put out of work.

That has not happened this recovery in part because the business environment has been so hostile. All you have to do is listen to one of the endless campaign speeches of President Obama to hear some reason why the rich who create new businesses are bad people.

And then there are endless new regulations, and a very uncertain policy environment, what with healthcare costs such a big part of the labor bill and Obamacare changing almost every other week, or the EPA and NLRB doing things that hurt business.

Think of all the jobs that have been eclipsed by the heavy hand, no growth policies of Obama, a President more intent on crony capitalism, demonization, redistribution, retribution and outright extortion of banks and industries, than in creating jobs. This includes opportunities in the energy sector, which if they had been encouraged instead of obstructed, would have ensured our long-term energy security and cheap energy prices for years to come. Today, we'd have safer pipelines (versus the current fracking induced shortage of railcars, which pollute more and are less safe), LNG facilities and ships that could convey that excess energy to Europe to offset Russian supplies, without impacting domestic costs.

Energy security is international security.

Likewise, five years of zero interest rates are crushing the middle class, as they watch cheap-money induced commodity prices skyrocket to record levels, yet receive nothing on their meager savings so that the government can borrow and spend on the cheap and on their dime. Yes, the inequality gap is growing, because of asset inflation (e.g. the stock market).

The average Joe doesn't benefit from this. Instead, from administration we get more band aids. Not solutions, but merely top down directives (including labor, hiring and wage rates, Obamacare) and income transfers which largely benefit the low earners and the unemployed--Obama's base-- not the middle class that our president so often "laments.".

In reality, Obama's policies are anathema to the middle class and the source of the current malaise.

There was no need for an anemic, jobless recovery. It was a deliberate act of the left to hamstring business and increase the power of government over our lives.

The reason so many people believe we are still in a recession, (despite some technical definition proving recession ended in 2009) is because they feel the recession in their own life. And that's what matters. It is a recession when your neighbor loses his job, it is a depression when you lose yours.

The only change coming from the "hope and change" peddler is that he has created a deep sense of hopelessness in the most optimistic nation in the history of this planet.

And as for why real incomes are lower, etc etc, well, what else could we expect when President Obama demonizes profits at every juncture, tries his best to squelch private sector investment, destroys entrepreneurship to his best ability and unleashes IRS and EPA thugs on people, and created a sinkhole called Obamacare?

It seems Obama wants to weaken us in every which way. Cut military spend. Destroy the nations balance sheet. Weaken and stall the recovery. Suck the life out of entrepreneurship. Destroy the job creators' morale. Reward vices and penalize virtues.

This assault on American leadership is a daily occurrence - today it is the abdication of leadership in internet. Last week, it was the military spend cuts on the same day Ukraine was attacked. Obama's timing is impeccable.

The disastrous, deliberate Obama economy also feeds into the narrative the left has latched on to about how American can't the world's policeman--whether in the Middle East, Ukraine, or over the Internet.

We're experiencing the result of those policies. Murder in mayhem in Syria, resulting in the wholesale murder and starvation of millions of people and the destruction of cities. The annexation of part of Ukraine by Russia.

The only war that President Obama believes in is the war on America. Specifically, individual success, suppression of "enemies" (largely conservatives, churches, small business) and limiting economic growth via policies that artificially inflate wealth while transferring and redistributing income to his crony constituencies (more money to green efforts, education/unions et al.) and to fund a giant welfare/vote getting state.

Economic and energy security have been suppressed and squandered over the last five years and, as the current situation proves, would've been very useful to countering an aggressive Putin (e.g. providing American energy to supplant Russian oil and gas, without impacting American prices). This proves once again that economic security impacts international security.

The United States' poorest recovery in history--driven by largely "regulatory" economic policies-- is still impacting developing and "vulnerable" countries like Ukraine and is a gift to autocrats like Putin, which can use this to divert their country's attention from their own economic decline. This is what electing a community "agitator" with zilch practical experience gets you.

The President was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize upon assuming his presidency as a rebuke to George W. Bush and to enfeeble Obama even more than his natural tendency. A bigger man would've turned it down, recognizing the dual insult and manipulation. The world knows our President has a big ego and it's used regularly against him and U.S. interests.

And coming soon to a computer near you--the U.N. replacing the NSA as the organization able to peer into your computer. Contemplate that, anyone who advocates for America to pull back in the world.

What we need is competent leadership, which reminds me that is another problem, a President who only knows how to be divisive, not how to work with Congress like Ronald Reagan did with Democrats and Bill Clinton with Republicans.

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