Thursday, February 19, 2015

Have you noticed your health insurance premiums skyrocketing again?

obamacare-this-is-going-to-hurt-290x30011Obamacare, was a classic scenario of the public, due to ever-increasing partisanship, being led along by temporary politicians into something they would never need, and couldn't ever afford.

Let's see. A government program that sounds good, "The Affordable Care Act", turns out to be just the opposite, and then the people who created it blame the very people that they rolled over in the first place for their own failure to anticipate a problem that any thinking person would have and did see coming. Where have I heard of this before?

And Atlas Shrugged.

The premise of Obamacare was that there were this ethereal 30 million uninsured Americans out there some place. The numbers were never documented, but in stampedes such as this, they never have to be. All that you need is a 15 minute segment or two showing a child that lost its coverage as a result of the parents work condition, and the non thinkers are sold. This sold the public on the vulnerability of life in general, and who better to fix it than federal government.

Next they advanced the principle that we were all unfairly paying for the health care of the 30 million lost souls as they turned up in the ER seeking constant care. A near complete, and shallow lie, as the uninsured usually forego care, or if they encounter major illness, get Medicaid, which was designed as a safety net, before the Democratic party turned it into a hammock.

As the duped are now finding out, they will not only be paying for the 30 million uninsured, but for millions more that will be losing jobs, insurance, and in all likelihood, themselves when their employers decide to drop coverage and cut them loose to the exchanges.

To the American public, this a grand display of collectivism. A wonderful social experiment staring them, as the bug in the jar. It's the Progressive's longest stride down the wrong road yet.

Here's to hoping they leave the cap off the jar when they are done fooling around.

Only in Washington and in academia do people believe that you can increase demand for a product or service, provide government subsidies for it, ignore supply, and prices will go down.

This is economic magic in the league of Middle Ages alchemists who claimed they could transmute lead into gold.

Like lead, Obamacare must come down to Earth. It's a sham. It was always a sham. What liberals wanted was to have government control the healthcare industry and provide free care to people who vote liberal. The rest is just lies, smoke and mirrors, and leftist politics.

When government subsidizes demand for a product or service and distances the decision to buy a product or use a service from the responsibility for paying for it, guess what:

Demand goes up, supply remains constant and prices rise.

This is what happens every time liberals decide that government should provide universal access to something--university educations are a good recent case in point.

What idiocy.

The original lie was that insurance agencies had driven up costs so healthcare was too expensive. So as the lie continued, lower-income people were forced into Medicaid and emergencies room where costs were higher and fraud more prevalent.

Fast forward tp where costs are rising. The irony is that now people are being forced into higher insurance while healthcare costs were not effectively addressed. But all we have is more people getting free healthcare and the same amount of people paying for it.

Where supposed to believe the government can both determine costs and enforce payment for insurance to squeeze value out of this system. It's not hard to see this exploding badly in about ten years.

Obamacare was always about pricing the average person out of the health insurance market, whether they pay the premiums themselves or obtain insurance through their employer. That's why the annual penalty for not providing insurance was set so much lower than the average annual cost of insurance.

Obamacare was never about cutting health care costs. It was about cutting health care access, so that the final solution of a nationalized health care system (which members of Congress and high government functionaries would be excused from) could be put in place.

The liberals lied about what they were doing and they lied about why they were doing it. Nancy Pelosi lied when she said that they had to pass the bill so we could find out what was in it. They knew what was in it, and what we are getting is exactly what they intended.

We're all suffering from a bit of mental aphasia reflected in mid-term memory loss. Obamacare was sold as "a tool to lower health care costs" -- that was always understood to be a sop to the vast majority of Americans (up to 80%) that thought their current health care was fine but just cost too much.

In reality, Obamacare was intended to increase access from Day 1, regardless of cost.

Of course, millions of angry Americans tossed the rascals out of the House in 2010 as pay-back for one of the most monumentally arrogant legislative overreaches by bare majorities in history. If not for bad candidates and bad strategies, they would have tossed them out of the Senate, as well.

It shouldn't surprise any of us on the right that they're now owning up to the fact that it's going to cost more. When we saw the original assumptions by which they claimed reduced overall costs but also assumed that Congress would allocate the savings at the back-end to subsidies, rather than spending them on some other boondoggle, we all laughed uproariously, while we were simultaneously crying in our electoral beer.

Liberals want a single-payer system that covers everyone, and really don't care what it costs. If Obamacare becomes painfully expensive enough, they hope we might cave on a full single-payer Europeanization of our health care system.

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