Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Liberals: Tea Party Planned White House Break-In, Seek to Assassinate the President

With the recent break-in at the White House, in which a man scaled the mansion's fence and made it inside, people across the nation are discussing its implications. Do we need a second fence? How could security be so lax? Is the President and his family safe?

On the Left, however, the questions are different. Namely, they are: How can we blame Republicans for this? Are tea partiers behind this? And, of course, is the racist right-wing pushing for the President's assassination?

A number of liberals on twitter and liberal websites such as Daily Kos shout a resounding answer of "yes" to those questions.

On Twitter, the user "Eat, Drink, and be Mary," who describes herself as, "Democrat. Proud Obama Supporter. Affordable Health Care. Immigration Reform. Gun Control," believes she has unlocked the truth:
Twitter Rambling
Another user believes that there are GOP congressmen who are actually telling the secret service to stand down so the President is killed:
Twitter Rambling2
And who could forget that the biggest threats to the President are, of course, from Fox News viewers:

And racist right-wing tea partiers:

At Daily Kos, the conspiracy theories are flying high as well. Racists are in the secret service, they surmise, and they let the intruder in so he could kill "the black guy and his family:"
Daily Kos Racism

Or perhaps ingeniously, the Republicans pushed sequestration cuts to put the President in danger:
Daily Kos Racism2

And over at Democratic Underground, a bright user wonders if Darrell Issa told the secret service to stand down:
DU Moron

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  1. Leftist so called thinkers, lobbyists, socialist liberal Dem groups are simply insane and un-American to boot. No one wants any Prez killed because it insults our entire American heritage, history and value system. Bama and his ilk have disgraced us but after all, in two years., he will be gone and if voters wake up to common sense, reform of the Secret Service and reform of the Moral Idiots who keep electing leftist Dems may be changed and America will survive even these dopes.