Friday, July 04, 2014

Liberal Analyst: Obama is Batman

Clay Bennett is well known for being one of the worst of his kind: a cartoonishly bad political analyst and a bad political cartoonist. The only reason you may not have heard of him is because he’s not quite bad enough to be on MSNBC yet. On Monday, he made another resounding statement to his ineptness in understanding the American political system.

On June 30, Mr. Bennett decided to unveil how he envisions President Obama: as a billionaire, crime-fighting playboy. That's right, I kid you not, Mr. Bennett thinks the President is the equivalent of Batman, the caped crusader, and precisely one half of the dynamic duo.

But Bennett's cartoon cannot be finished with his ridiculous depiction of the President. No, President Batman, the Obama O emblazoned on his back, is being arrested. By who else? You guessed it, racist Republicans using Congress as their tools of destruction. They force President Bat onto the ground, handcuffing him in the process.

The caption underneath reads: "'I can't tolerate a vigilante.'"

In the background super villains look on. Of course, there are all of President Obama's nemeses: Two Face, the Joker, the Penguin, and the Riddler.

Here is the comic:
Clay Bennet Obama Batman

Who the super villains are supposed to depict is never explained. The comic puts specific symbols or words upon the characters in the forefront, so who they are is obvious. Additionally, Bennett himself names them so that the reader will know who they are. The fact that he doesn't with the villains makes it so that the reader should assume that those villains are precisely who they are drawn to be.

That's right, President Obama is actually fighting the Riddler and the Joker! If only those Republicans would allow him to do that! But wait, what exactly the point of showing the President as Batman and calling him a vigilante?

I can only assume that Bennett is referring to executive actions and recess appointments used by the President. Perhaps he should read the unanimous decision by the Supreme Court smacking Obama down on his illegal actions. Or perhaps he should read the Constitution, which states that much of what the President is not doing is not allowed.

But no, too much for Mr. Bennett. It's much easier to bury your head in the sand and pretend that the President is the super hero you've known he's always been.

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  1. Well, when first elected, the media presented obama as the second coming of Jesus. Batman is a step down.