Tuesday, July 08, 2014

ACLU Launches Campaign to Strip Massachusetts Police of Tear Gas Grenade Launchers

In a drastically dishonest piece prominently featured on their Facebook page, the ACLU is campaigning to have the West Springfield police stripped of their grenade launchers, which are strictly used for tear gas and smoke grenades.

Their post, however, does not mention that mention that such things could be used, and heavily implies that the police plan to shoot civilians with grenades. Further, the ad features a picture of two XM25 Grenade Launchers, which the police do not actually have. Instead, the police have M79s.

The picture leadingly asks, despite the answer being obvious: "West Springfield police have two grenade launchers- why?"

You can see the ad below:
ACLU Grenade Launchers

When asked why they used pictures of grenade launchers that the police did not own, the ACLU stated that it was a "guess." They continued, without irony, "But the real question is why authorities have made it so hard for the public to get information about what they have."

The post is getting near-universal derision, excluding hardcore anti-gun activists. The top comment on Facebook, which has the most Likes on the ACLU's post, is actually from an ACLU supporter who is tired of their ridiculousness:

"And to put up a picture of a OICW (pictured above) to scare people is even dumber. That was a prototype weapon that was never made. Is this a science fiction page or equal rights page? I support the ACLU but you make it hard when you post dumb s***. Thats [sic] my job."

On top of that, Mass Live is also reporting that when West Springfield bought their M79s, purchased with them were "M651 military tear gas cartridges."

Unsurprisingly, the ACLU did not do their research and have ended up looking like fools... again.

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