Saturday, April 26, 2014

State Department: Twitter, "Promise of Hashtag" Can Stop Russia from Invading Ukraine

In what might be the worst sign of weakness yet from the Obama Administration and its followers concerning the crisis in Ukraine, on Thursday the State Department put forward the idea that "hashtags" on Twitter could prevent Russia from invading Ukraine.

"The world stands #UnitedforUkraine," began Jennifer Psaki, the current spokeswoman for the State Department. She continued, "Let’s hope that the #Kremlin & @mfa_russia will live by the promise of hashtag."
Jen Psaki Tweet
Besides the fact that "promise of hashtag" is a term that apparently Psaki coined herself, the statement itself makes little to no sense.

What promise is Ms. Psaki talking about, exactly? I am not certain that she is aware of this, but Russia is not required to follow the wishes of Twitter followers half a world away, regardless of how many people tweet "#UnitedforUkraine."

Second, Twitter does not count as foreign policy, and having a bunch of anonymous people on the internet saying one thing rarely affects real-world change, particularly if you're trying to convince an authoritarian government to change course.

This constant non-committal exchange that the Obama Administration loves so much with Russia is effectively worthless. Having Twitter users take the fight for you? It's tremendous, almost comical weakness, and an admittance that the Obama Administration does not understand how the world works.

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  1. Can this be counted as a "Hilary Accomplishment"? I know they are trying to find one..hashtags for peace certainly must count as something... lol