Sunday, April 27, 2014

Racist Liberal Cartoonist Portrays Clarence Thomas as Illiterate Black Man after SCOUS Ruling

Clay Bennett, cartoonist for the Chattanooga Times Free Press, is well known for being one of the worst political commentators in the entire country. The only reason you may not have heard of him is because he's not quite bad enough to be on MSNBC yet.

On Wednesday, upset at the Supreme Court's decision to allow Michigan voters to decide whether their state's colleges could use race as a factor in admitting students, Bennett decided to put all semblance of common sense aside.

Grabbing his pen and ink, he decided to do away with what the Left holds so dear: their pretend respect for African Americans. Bennett was determined to voice his outrage. And to him, who better than to attack than Clarence Thomas, the only African American on the Supreme Court?

But Bennett wasn't drawing to praise the fact that a black man could face adversity and still rise to the highest court in the United States. No, instead Bennett aimed to mock Thomas for his race, declaring that solely because of the color of his skin, Thomas was himself an "argument against affirmative action."

Next to him stands proud Latina Sonya Sotomayor, who Bennett describes as an argument in favor of affirmative action:
Racist Cartoon
Obviously an insult and completely classless, the point of the cartoon would have been made if Thomas was holding his name right-side-up, like Sotomayor. But for whatever reason, that portrayal was not enough for Bennett.

Instead, Thomas had to hold his name upside-down. Get it? Because he can't read! How hilarious, Mr. Bennett! Portraying a Supreme Court member as illiterate and an argument against affirmative action solely on the basis of his skin color. I'm sure the Pulitzer is in the mail as we speak.
[caption width="590" align="alignnone"] Another terrible Bennett cartoon, this time showing Tea Partiers as murdering terrorists[/caption]
But in all seriousness, why are liberals so rabid to portray Mr. Thomas as a moron? Why are they so willing to show him as a disgrace, largely because of the color of his skin? I guess only they can answer that.

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