Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Martin Supporters Call for "Anal Raping" of George Zimmerman

Yesterday we covered the fact that a myriad of people are calling for the decapitation of George Zimmerman. Today, we have uncovered something, perhaps, even more disturbing: Trayvon Martin supporters are calling for George Zimmerman to be "anally raped."

How exactly a large amount of people over vast distances of space have all decided that George Zimmerman must be raped can only be guessed at. One thing is certain, though: none of these people actually believe in justice.

Below are just a few of the profane attacks on Zimmerman.

"Cut with a razor:"
And so on:

And this is what these Twitter users consider "justice."


  1. I was disappointed by the verdict, but wishing this on him is just absolutely wrong, and a disgrace. I wish him no ill.

  2. I am am rather appalled at how our society has fallen so far to call for someone to be raped.

  3. Alot of so called "Christians" there according to their profiles, one of them thanking Jesus for her day. Disgusting.

  4. Seems like a lot of people are regressing to their former 3rd world ways.

  5. Anal rape for holder. Anal rape for barry. Anal rape for stevie wonder. Anal rape for Piers morgan. Anal rape for nancy taco bell grace. Anal rape for al sharpton. Anal rape fot jessie jackoffson. Bullets for looters. Bullets for rioters. Justice fot victims of black criminals (thousands of them not in the news).

  6. It is clear that if all the haters & those who live by the same laws that provide them with protection should not be thankful for the progress that has been made in just the last fifty years. They want so much more than any country or government on the face of the earth can provide. This is how governments break down they have for centuries. No matter the people no matter the government from the ancient Egyptians on have ever been able to provide everything to every body.