Monday, May 13, 2013

Justice Department Probes AP Phone Records

This just hit the news wire a few hours ago (covered by Aurelius here): The U.S. Justice Department has secretly obtained two months worth of phone records from the Associated Press for no apparent reason.

Holy fuck...

Are we really living in a United States that probes media news sources now?

As a nation in wartime we have long faced the question of whether security trumps liberty and vice versa, however, this is freaking extreme and coming unbelievably close to an outright violation of the constitution. Just as lawyers have confidentiality with their clients, doctors with patients and so on, reporters have a full right to except their sources to remain anonymous and free from outside intrusion.

If the Justice Department does not return or destroy the information obtained from the Associated Press as requested, then a lawsuit should immediately be filed for intruding into the privacy of their workers and their sources, along with an immediate call for Attorney General Holder's resignation - as this is a bridge too far.

What say you?

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