Friday, February 08, 2013

Madman Christopher Dorner Fan of Piers Morgan, Charlie Sheen

If I was part of the liberal media, I'd be calling on my local representative to implicate Hollywood and Morgan for being accomplices in murder. But I'm not. All I have to say is that, no surprise, the Main Stream Media is deafeningly silent on these details, when they wailed that nuts like James Holmes were Tea Party members when he was not. At all.

From E! Online:
Ex-cop Christopher Dorner is suspected in the killings of three people and is now the target of a sweeping manhunt in southern California.

Before going on the lam, he left behind a rambling manifesto posted to Facebook in which he not only laid blame for his current rough lot in life on a number of law-enforcement officers and other authority figures and threatened violence against them and members of their family, but also provided his opinions on everything from Hillary Clinton running in 2016 ("You'll make one hell of a president") to Charlie Sheen ("effin' awesome").

"It's kind of sad I won't be around to view and enjoy The Hangover III. What an awesome trilogy," Dorner, 33, wrote in just one of the many paragraphs devoted to his entertainment preferences. "Todd Phillips, don't make anymore Hangovers after the third, takes away the originality of its foundation. World War Z looks good and The Walking Dead season 3 (second half) looked intriguing. Damn, gonna miss shark week."
Dorner said of Morgan: "I agree with you 100%"
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