Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Republicans Strengthen Anti-Boehner Position

The speakership of John Boehner is endangered this afternoon, as at least twenty or so Republican Congressmen, according to Breitbart, are willing to oppose his re-election when the new Congress convenes on Thursday, and if that number declines, his support could realistically fall below Nancy Pelosi's...

This quasi-coup within the Republican caucus is due to a more then two year long bittersweet relationship Boehner and members of the Conservative class of 2010 have had with each other, culminating in the fiscal cliff vote last night when Boehner supported against the will of near two thirds of his caucus.

Now the odds of them actually pulling off the defeat of Boehner as Speaker is unlikely, as they would either have to choose a well respected and ready to take charge individual to lead their cause, or gain enough Republican allies as to imperil the Republicans balance of power over Pelosi, forcing Boehner to step aside to prevent the night mare of 2007-2011 from reoccurring.

Interesting drama these days on Capitol Hill... What say you?

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