Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Boehner's Speakership in Peril

Perhaps the biggest political story line coming out of the House's affirmative vote for the Senate's short term band-aid to the fiscal cliff will be whether or not John Boehner will remain Speaker or be voted out of the third-most powerful position in America when the new Congress convenes.

Reason being the Speaker could only deliver a third of his majority, or just 85 Republicans - his vote included, a rarity for the Speaker to vote at all - to pass the compromise that's supposed to prevent the fiscal cliff from becoming a reality, while also have almost no support from his GOP counterparts in leadership.

This begs the question: if he cannot deliver even a majority of his caucus to back a bill he even supported on the House floor, at risk of alienating every single Republican lawmaker that is set within the week to vote on his position... Then can he hold a majority of their confidence when time comes to elect the House's leader?

I personally have no idea, but what say you?

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  1. If Bohmer is the best that the Rebuplicans have to offer it is obvious why this party is in so much trouble.