Thursday, December 20, 2012

Obama: Best Way to Honor Deaths of Sandy Hook Children is to 'Give Me Money'

Sometimes I am shocked by the depths to which this Administration will go. Forget that the election ended last month and that the President is still fundraising. Forget how you fell about him using a tragedy to push his agenda. Conservative or liberal, no one should support Mr. Obama using the death of twenty children to raise money.

In a mass email, the Obama campaign pleaded for cash. It crassly explained that people should give money because:
As we reflect on the lives lost last week, we must also, as the President urged, consider how each of us can play a part in making our country worthy of the memory of those little children.
How do we honor the loss of elementary-aged children, according to President Obama? By giving him money.

It's utterly disgusting.

A screenshot of the disturbing email via IS:
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  1. i have read and reread this and i just cannot see where there is a request for money - even an implied one... just what are you actually talking about?

    1. The link in the email goes to a donation page