Saturday, December 29, 2012

Is this the blog page for suspected would-be S. Fla. child rapist Dwipin Thomas Maliackal?

BIG "Horny Indian" wanted to make the girls ages 10 and 13, his "girlfriend(s) and make one of [them] pregnant"

The story has been largely ignored by the media in the U.S. Only local coverage from the Orlando Sentinel and the Tampa Bay Tribune. No national media. Most likely the U.S. media is uncomfortable given his South Asian ethnicity.

But the less politically correct UK Daily Mail finds it a major story.

Man, 24, 'traveled for sex with sisters, 10 and 13, and said he wanted to make one his girlfriend and get her pregnant'...

Dwipin Maliackal met undercover FBI agent on internet incest chat room. He 'told agent [posing as the children's dad] that he has had sex with children as young as five' [He] wanted to get 10-year-old pregnant 'if you're OK with that'...
Maliackal is a 2012 graduate of the University of South Florida where he was the president of his fraternity... He had met the undercover agent on an incest chat room on December 7 where Maliackal, who graduated from University of South Florida this summer, used the name 'Horny_Indian'.

He told the 'father' that he had had sex with other children, including relatives and a neighbour, and that his youngest victim had been just five years old, according to the criminal complaint.

He added that he wanted to have sex with the agent's 10-year-old daughter and make her his 'girlfriend', and that he hoped sex with the girls would be a 'regular thing', the complaint said.

'I would love to get her pregnant, if you're OK with that,' Maliackal told the agent.

He told agents he had planned to have sex with both of the girls and said has been sexually attracted to 'prepubescent' girls since he was a teenager.

This from his blog page Public Affairs Report:
As you can probably tell, I am not a doctor, but I did want to be one when I was younger. I am Dwipin [Doo-pin] Maliackal [Mall-ee-ah-cle] and I am an avid sports lover. I have played sports for most of my life. I am studying to become a sports broadcaster.
His blog posts in general show a keen interest in local politics. He covered Hillsborough County school board meetings, the Hillsborough County budget process and the Sheriff's Dept.

In one post, he described a visit to the local morgue on a school trip, "The most interesting part of the trip... we actually saw parts of a dead body in the room."

And this most ironic posting:
imagine yourself getting stopped by the police for drinking and driving. Do you know what happens once you’re taken to jail? Most people don’t... From this visit, it made me realize that I never want to be arrested for anything as I don’t ever want to go through the process that we learned about.

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