Sunday, December 30, 2012

CNN: The Hobbit "The Worst Movie of 2012"

I don't know what CNN's writers are smoking, but not only are they bad at reporting the news, they're nuts at covering movies.

According to CNN, a station currently bereft of readers and viewers, the Hobbit was the worst movie of 2012. Forget about the fact that the Hobbit is actually fairly good (if a bit longer than it should be). By far the worst part of this analysis is the horrendous movies that CNN considers better (or less bad) than JRR Tolken's book turned movie.
Utter garbage, according to CNN
A Thousand Words? With a staggering 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Still better than the Hobbit.

That's My Boy? Quite possibly the worst Adam Sandler film in the last 10 years (an accomplishment by any measure)? Still better than the Hobbit.

Even fucking Battleship, a major motion picture based on a board game? Victorious over the Hobbit. In fact, none of these awful, awful movies are on CNN's 10 worst list.

Sweet Jesus.

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  1. Adam Sandler have never been funny. Baby talk and low brow humor from him is pathetic. But once you've got power in hollywood and your friends run the town already, you can keep making crap til you drop dead and people will smile cuz they get paid to help out. Same goes for seth rogen. Low brow, boring, assaultive to intelligent folks' minds. Wahlberg just made a very sandler/rogen-esque pic called ted. Wow did that SUCK. I hate them all. Wish hollywood would burn down, its all CRAP now catering to peoples' egos. Richard Rush was right. Cheers :-)