Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Breaking: Liberals Plan to Assassinate Walker: 'I Will Kill Walker Myself'

In light of the crushing victory Scott Walker had tonight, liberals are returning to their normal civility: calling for his murder and promises to kill him. Across the internet, crazed leftists are calling for the governor to be assassinated, as they clearly have no respect for democratic elections. Below are just a few of the disgusting comments posted throughout the internet tonight.

"I'll personally kill Walker myself:"

SKSunnyy plans to assassinate the governor:

Josh James expresses his feelings about Mr. Walker:
Jordon Perez wants Walker's children to be fatherless:
Caleb White contemplates assassinating Governor Walker:
Mark Cole, clearly incapable of having an intelligent discussion about politics, simply wishes that Scott Walker would kill himself:

And there are many, many, many more examples. This article, however, is getting too large to list them all.

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  1. If these people live in Wisconsin, hello State, you've got a problem.

    1. Just a bunch of hood rats talking trash. They should try reading the Constitution and understand what Democracy means.

    2. Anonymous, FYI the word Democracy odes not appear once in the Constitution. And further more, this is a Republic not a Democracy. Thank you.

  2. Many of them are from Milwaukee. Threats about beatings at the State Fair.

  3. Threats against Walker's family. Rape and beatings. Sick stuff. Thanks to the teacher's union, public sector unions, the President and other race baiters.

  4. Well, this election was all about the unions. You should know what you'll run into when you "mess Whit Da YoonYuns!"

  5. What a bunch of babies who couldn't get their way. He WON, and that's that. GET OVER IT and GET A LIFE

  6. These are probably the same people who complained about the lack of "civility" of campaign ads putting a crosshairs on the one district in AZ that Gabrielle Giffords represents (note on the district, not Giffords). Now they lose one election and their response is to instigate riots and assisination. How's that for liberal "civility"?

  7. If only Republicans would someday develop the cojones to take these acts seriously and publically call for prosecution, instead of “looking the other way”…as if it were *ungentlemanly* to do so. Silence only encourages them.

  8. Meanwhile, George Zimmerman sits languishing in jail for defending himself from being beaten to death.

    Please help George Zimmerman defend himself from unjust prosecution: