Tuesday, June 05, 2012

GOP Projected to Win Lieutenant Governor and at least 3 of 4 Senate Districts; Hold Commanding Lead in 4th, But too Close to Call

Scott Walker has won his recall election and more good news is coming for Republicans. With much of the vote in, we can now project that the GOP will win at least three of the State Senate recall elections in Wisconsin as well as the race for Lieutenant Governor.

Lieutenant Governor Race, with 48% reporting:

Rebecca Kleefisch (R)- 570,579 votes, 58%
Mahlon Mitchell (D)- 417,627 votes, 42%

State Senate, District 13, with 56% reporting:

Scott Fitzgerald (R)- 23,345 votes, 59%
Lori Compas (D)- 15,525 votes, 40%

State Senate, District 23, with 38% reporting:

Terry Moulton (R)- 13,143 votes, 60%
Kristen Dexter (D)- 8,674 votes, 40%

State Senate, District 29, with 34% reporting:

Jerry Petrowski (R)- 13,775 votes, 65%
Donna Seidel (D)- 7,312 votes, 35%

The only race at the moment that is too close to call is District 21, in which the Republican candidate holds a commanding lead. However, only 10% of the vote is in:

State Senate, District 21, with 10% reporting:

Van Wanggaard (R)- 5,786 votes, 63%
John Lehman (D)- 3,448 votes, 37%

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