Thursday, April 12, 2012

Video: There's a Tax for That

From ForAmerica:

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  1. Eleven Things Your Tax Pro Doesn't Want to Hear From You This Month

    10. I owe more than I did last year. What did you do wrong? Even if your situation doesn’t change a whit – not even a penny – the Tax Code is constantly changing. For example, the Making Work Pay Credit expired in 2010 and was replaced in 2011 with the payroll tax cuts. The credit was a flat amount but the cuts are based on a percentage. So depending on your income level, you could see more of a cut – or less – or it might be the same. Ditto for changes in the standard deduction and personal exemptions. Don’t assume your preparer made a mistake. If you don’t understand why you owe more, ask. Nicely.

    Why didn’t this increase make the news?