Thursday, April 12, 2012

More of Hilary Rosen's 'Poorly Chosen' Words

 I am raising children too. But most young American women HAVE to BOTH earn a living AND raise children. You know that don't u?
I can't speak for Ann Romney, but I can speak for myself.  No most do not.  Many choose to work.  It is now the expected thing to do.  The fall back position as it were.  

Let's take some examples.  You for instance.  You stayed home for a period of time.  But your former partner always had a very good career.  You could have stayed home the entire time and didn't.  I know, I know, you were saving the world by going after kids illegally downloading Miley Cyrus.  

Soledad O'Brien has I believe three or four children.  Her husband is a very successful investment banker.  I think he could swing the expenses on his own.

Meghan Kelly is married to an executive of an Internet Security company and retained two residences when they began dating.  I have this feeling that he could afford for his wife to stay home.  

Barack Obama weighed on working mom's of late.  About how Michelle had to work.  Yet he was making a measly $167K when he was a US Senator and she still went to work.  I guess living on that salary for a family of four is really impossible.  The taxes in Illinois must even higher than I thought.  

Paula Zahn's ex-husband was quite wealthy.  She worked when her children were small.  

I know plenty of women who could stay at home, but choose not to.  I had one tell me that they couldn't afford to go to Europe every year if she didn't work.  She might also have to forgo the new Coach handbag she got every season too.  

When you work and are paying for daycare, transportation costs, a wardrobe for your job, possibly dry cleaning costs, lunches, snacks, and all kinds of other expenses, you will find that often it costs just as much to work.  How much are you really making after paying all these additional expenses?  

You can live without 300 channels on cable.  You can live without the really fancy smart phone.  You can live without the extra bathroom that you get with a bigger home,  You don't have to go on expensive vacations.  

It is called prioritizing.  It is called budgeting.  

I don't deny that some women have no choice but to work outside of the home.  But there are plenty of women who don't.  They have bought into this narrative that in order to be fulfilled you must have two degrees and a fancy office.  That staying home and being the caretaker to your children somehow makes you less than.  You are somehow not being the proper role model to your children.  

I can guarantee you, your kids can live without the really expensive sneakers and the trip to Europe in return for you showing up at every school play, every ball game, and being there when they get home from school.  

Every child wants to feel that they are most important thing in the world to you.  

Hilary, the sad part of what you have done over your career is that you have actually limited women's choices, instead of expand them.  Those are the words that you should rightly feel were poorly chosen. The ones you hurled at Ann Romney were meant.  You see, you stayed home for a brief period of time.  Ann made a life being a mother.  Something that someone like you just can't understand.  

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