Sunday, March 04, 2012

Romney Wins Washington in Landslide

In what should send shivers down the collective spine of Santorum supporters, Romney did not only come away with a 13% margin of victory, and an predicted 30 delegates out of the caucuses held in Washington yesterday afternoon, but their man finished third behind Ron Paul in a state he was 11% ahead just one week ago.

2012 Washington GOP Caucuses:

Romney - 19,111 - 38%
Ron Paul - 12,594 - 25%
Santorum - 12,089 - 24%
Gingrich - 5,221 - 10%
Over 50,000 folks participated in the caucuses, which surpassed state party estimates and broke the old attendance record of 25,000. It also represents the last contest before Super Tuesday erupts in 2 days; before the Republican nomination could either be wrapped up by Romney, or Santorum, even possibly Gingrich, come storming back into the fight.

Regardless of what happens then, we know what happened yesterday: Mitt Romney added another thirty delegates (estimated by the AP, as the straw poll was non-binding in Washington) to his ever increasing total, while winning his forth straight contest and setting Santorum back even more.

What say you?

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