Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Would You Ask the 2012 Candidates?

Ever wish that you had the access of an award-winning journalist or a close confidant of one of the candidates running for President? If you did, what would you want to know-- what would be the questions that the American people really want to know.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence company Zabaware, we now have the best example of doing so without having to go to Washington. Based on an award-winning artificial intelligence program called UltraHal we are able question the contenders at Ask The Candidates.

With the site's layout, it's easy to select a candidate to then ask a specific question. The artificial intelligence will process the request and get an answer back for you. The candidates own words, in quotes will let you know what their position or opinion is on the issue you posited.

I was able to ask the candidates a question about a position-- and it was right there! So check out Ask the Candidates 2012 today!

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